Resident Technology Consultants (RTCs)

Need help connecting to Fordhamwifi, setting up a printer, or using the Portal?

If you live in a resident hall on campus, ask your residence hall's live-in Resident Technology Consultant for help! RTCs are available to help resident students seven days a week until 12 a.m.

Resident Technology Consultants are the primary source of tech support for all students who live in residence halls. RTCs educate residents on many aspects of technology at Fordham University, consult on computer-related problems, and support in-room network connections and resident computers.

RTCs work with students, ResLife staff, Fordham IT Student Technology Services, and IT Customer Care to fully support students. Follow us on Twitter @FordhamRTC and like our Facebook page. If you have any further questions or comments, please email

 Click on your residence hall below to view your RTC's contact information...

Rose Hill RTCs

Loschert Hall

RTC: Justin Feinman Profile Pic

Name: Justin Feinman
Room Number: 335
Cell Phone: 518-598-9766
Email Address:

Alumni Court South

RTC: Tyra Trinidad Profile Pic

Name: Tyra Trinidad
Room Number: 332
Cell Phone: 619-500-3834
Email Address:

Queens Court

RTC: Brigid Cruser Profile Pic

Name: Brigid Cruser
Room Number: R210
Cell Phone: 210-845-2398
Email Address:

Martyrs' Court Jogues

Christian D RTC Profile Pic

Name: Christian Dopico
Room Number: 008
Cell Phone: 305-992-2030
Email Address:

Martyrs' Court LaLande/Goupil

John Murray

Name: John Murray
Salice/Conley Hall Room Number: 501A
Cell Phone: 347-725-8469
Email Address:

Loyola Hall

RTC: Matthew Massaro Profile Pic

Name: Matthew Massaro
Room Number: 301
Cell Phone: 860-575-4417
Email Address:

Finlay Hall

RTC: Claire Siegrist Profile Pic

Name: Claire Siegrist
Room Number: 319
Cell Phone: 585-406-3337
Email Address:

Tierney Hall

RTC: Katie Quinlisk Profile Pic

Name: Katie Quinlisk
Room Number: 312
Cell Phone: 610-425-0528
Email Address:

O'Hare Hall

RTC: Chris Hayduk Profile Pic

Name: Chris Hayduk
Room Number: 376
Cell Phone: 914-364-1214
Email Address:

Walsh Hall

RTC: Amirah Brown Profile Pic

Name: Amirah Brown
Room Number: 0303B
Cell Phone: 609-477-6732
Email Address:

Salice-Conley Hall

RTC: Rachel Madigan Profile Pic

Name: Rachel Madigan
Room Number: 202B
Cell Phone: 917-533-8618
Email Address:

Campbell Hall

RTC: Liam Paris Profile Pic

Name: Liam Paris
Room Number: 103A
Cell Phone: 908-399-7521
Email Address:

Lincoln Center RTCs

McKeon Hall

RTC: Daniel Nasta Profile Pic

Name: Daniel Nasta
Room Number: 19-06
Cell Phone: 631-297-4114
Email Address:

McMahon Hall

RTC: Stephen Rubio Profile Pic

Name: Stephen Rubio
Room Number: 14L2
Cell Phone: 314-484-5513
Email Address:

RTC E-Newsletter Archive

The RTC E-Newsletter (formerly known as RTC Interactive and Technically Speaking) strives to educate the student community of Fordham University. Written by the Resident Technology Consultants on the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses, the E-Newsletter focuses on fun and interactive advances in the IT field and their influences on campus. Take a look and learn something new...