Student Life

The city is just the start.

Male and Female Student on LawnSo you’re a student in New York City, the greatest city in the world, and you’re thinking, could there possibly be more to campus life than that?

There is. We promise.

Making lifelong friends starts with getting involved in things like clubs (we’ve got more than 100) and intramurals (basketball, dodgeball, et cetera). It’s about learning to lead and stretching your boundaries (experimental theatre, anyone?) At Fordham, the city is just the start—your community is here.

Growing the whole person

College life is going to shape you in so many ways. Some of that growth will come in the classroom; much of it, though, comes from the experiences you seek and the people you meet. Growing the whole person—not just intellectually but morally and emotionally—is a cornerstone of Jesuit education. And the student life team in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development is constantly at work nurturing this growth.