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Continuing Students - Masters

Departmental Financial Aid:

GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP (2011-2012 Stipend is $21,400)

  • requires work for 15-18 hours per week or the equivalent for the academic year, or in some cases for an 11-month period, depending on they type of assistantship (including days when there are no classes but the University is open - e.g., the January Break).
  • includes a tuition scholarship, a stipend for living expenses, and a contribution toward Fordham’s basic student health program.



  • may be offered to qualified students in select programs or to match aid from research grants of faculty members.
  • students must meet the eligibility requirements described below for GSAS financial aid, including full time student status.
  • Partial Tuition scholarships are available to high school teachers in select programs and for teachers at Jesuit High schools.
  • The GSAS participates in the Mayor’s Scholarship Program, which provides partial tuition scholarships for employees of the City of New York.
  • Please Note: the total number of credits per semester will not exceed 12 credits.
SUMMER FELLOWSHIP (2011 Summer Stipend is $4,000)
  • This fellowship provides support to students who wish to devote the summer to work on application for prestigious fellowships or articles for publications above and beyond the normal expectations of the department.
  • Recipients of the fellowship are required to present posters at the annual GSAS Student Research Weekend.
  • Any doctoral or masters student may apply, regardless of whether he or she has been nominated for one of the larger awards.
  • For information and to apply click here.

All matriculated students must reapply each year for financial aid. The application for continuation of aid is available through the department/program and is typically due in January, unless the department specifies an earlier date.

Students receiving all forms of financial aid described above are required to:

  • maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5.
  • in addition to meeting the requirements of Satisfactory Academic performance, they must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards as well (please see section 7.5 of the GSAS Policies and Procedures guidebook).
  • be a full-time student.
  • hold no employment during the academic year (without the written permission of the Dean).
  • promptly inform GSAS of any other University-funded awards or alternate appointment (e.g. resident assistantships). Please note that such awards or appointments will reduce the total amount of financial aid provided by GSAS, relative to the level and type of the funding. Employment as a staff member of the University while matriculated as a full time student requires the written permission of the Dean, and is rarely granted. 

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