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Communication and Media Studies


Degree Requirements

Master of Arts (MA) Program in Public Communications

Required Courses: Students take two required courses: COMM 5000 Media Analysis and Criticism which will prepare them for advance study in elective courses, and a choice of one of the following: COMM 6851 Communications Ethics, COMM 5005 Theories of Public Communications, or  COMM 5010 Role of Public Communications. These capstone courses provide students with the background, philosophical and analytical skills for the myriad dilemmas that present themselves in the vibrant and ever changing world of mass media, new media, the Internet and Public Communications in general Students will also choose a field of interest: 1. Media Theory and Criticism, 2. Industries, Publics & Policies, 3. Screen Arts & Cultures. Three courses from the chosen field of interest are required. The remaining 12 credits are elective credits and students may choose from current course offerings to fulfill elective requirements. Based on student’s curricular focus, up to 2 courses may be taken in other departments or schools.

To complete an M.A. Degree students must complete the 30 credits as well as complete a capstone analytical or research paper or a multimedia project. Students will work on their final paper or project as course work, and can also enroll in individual study with a professor to complete their  work.  

Early Admissions Option to the MA Program:
Students accepted for early admissions into the M.A. Program in Public Communication will be able to apply two graduate courses taken in their senior year toward both the B.A. and the M.A. degrees.  In the fifth year, students can take four graduate courses in the Fall and Spring (or three courses each semester plus thesis research work), and thus fulfill the other M.A. requirements. Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.2 to be eligible to apply, with higher scores more competitive. Students submit their applications in the spring of their junior year and enter the program in their senior year. This policy applies to FCRH, FCLC, and PCS. Only two graduate classes will count for BA and MA, and they must be 5000 level courses, beginning with Foundations of Communication.  

For descriptions of recent courses please visit Fordham’s Online Course Catalog or review on program website.

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