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Computer and Information Sciences


Degree Requirements

Master of Science (MS) Degree in Computer Science Program

The requirements for the MS in CS degree are listed below. Also, an associated form is available for tracking your progress toward the MS in CS degree from our collection of online forms.

Core Requirements (12 credits):    

                    CISC 5100             Foundations of Computer Science
                    CISC 5200             Computer Language Theory
                    CISC 6200             Computer Elements and Architecture
                    CISC 6325             Database Systems

Area Concentrations (12 credits):
Two courses each from two of the following three concentration areas:

         Database Systems and Software:

                    CISC 6100             Software System Design
                    CISC 6375             Object Oriented Software Design
                    CISC 6525             Artificial Intelligence
                    CISC 6575             Expert Systems

         Data Communications and Networks:

                    CISC 6600             Cyber Secure Networks
                    CISC 6725             Data Communications
                    CISC 6775             Graph Theory and Network Design
                    CISC 6795             Internet Computing and Java Programming

         Computation and Algorithms:
                    CISC 5900             Information Fusion
                    CISC 6825             Computer Algorithms
                    CISC 6875             Parallel Computation
                    CISC 6930             Data Mining
                    CISC 6950             Algorithms and Data Analysis

Elective Courses (6 credits): 
Included but not limited to the following:

                    CISC 5030             Internet and Web Programming
                    CISC 6400             Cybersecurity Applications
                    CISC 6500             Bioinformatics
                    CISC 6550             Systems Neuroscience
                    CISC 6650             Forensic Computing
                    CISC 6700             Medical Informatics
                    CISC 6900             Computer Security and Ethics
                    CISC 8050             Projects and Internships
                    CISC 8100             Special Topics in Computer Science
                    CISC 8599             Computer Science Thesis

Early Admissions Option to the MS Program:  Interested majors should speak with the associate chair of graduate studies in the spring of junior year. Students do not need to include GRE scores unless the student is planning to apply for financial aid during the 5th year.

The minimum GPA to be eligible to apply: G.P.A. of 3.2 or higher.  This policy applies to FCRH, FCLC, and PCS.  Students opting for early admission must take two graduate courses in their senior year, which count toward both their B.S. and M.S. degree. Graduate courses taken while still at the College must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies of the Department.

For descriptions of recent courses please visit Fordham's Online Course Catalog or review on program website.

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