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Emerging Markets & Country Risk Analysis


Goals and general characteristics of the program:  Fordham’s Summer Evening Graduate Certificate Program in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis is an intensive 10 week program designed for international business professionals as well as current graduate students.  The Certificate Program offers students the opportunity to develop the political, economic, and financial analytical skills needed to evaluate the potential rewards and risks associated with the dynamic and volatile financial markets of Asia, Latin American, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Credits/number of courses necessary to complete the program:  To earn the Graduate Certificate in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis, students must successfully complete POSC 6991 Political Risk Analysis (3 credits) and ECON 5540 Emerging Markets (3 credits).  Students who lack an adequate background in finance must also complete ECON 5040 Strategic Financial Management (3 credits). ECON 5541 Emerging Markets: South Africa (3 credits) can substitute for ECON 5540 Emerging Markets.

Minimum GPA to remain in the program:  Students are expected maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better at all times.

For descriptions of recent courses please visit Fordham's Online Course Catalog or review on program website.

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