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The Master of Arts in Ethics and Society provides students with a cross-disciplinary foundation in the application of moral and ethical theory to social issues. In this era of increased need for ethical discourse in academic, professional, and public life, the Master's program draws upon theological, philosophical, human sciences and other areas of ethical discourse to help advance the common good through respect for individuals and community diversity.   The purpose of the program is to enhance the broad intellectual background and ethical decision-making abilities of students and prepare them (1) as producers and users of ethics scholarship who find new means of understanding and enhancing the dignity of persons across philosophical, cultural, and religious differences; (2) as citizens, practitioners and policy leaders who can contribute to ethical discourse and rightly reasoned solutions to social problems; and (3) for career advancement in non-profit and professional sectors focused on serving the public good. 

The Ethics in Society master’s offers two graduate options: the MA and the Early Admission MA.

Master of Arts in Ethics and Society

Minimum Requirements: The MA in Ethics and Society requires at least 30 credits. A “B” average (or 3.0 GPA) must be maintained in courses taken for the Master’s degree.

Required courses: The curriculum consists of 10 courses. Students will be required to take two courses each in foundations of moral philosophy (A) and moral theology (B) and in application of ethics in social/biological science and practice (C). There will be two required courses offered through the Center for Ethics Education (D).

Elective requirements:  Students must take two electives. They may take either courses that appear in the list of approved elective courses (E) or core courses in addition to those taken to fulfill the core requirements (A–D). Students who wish to enroll in an course not approved for the program must first secure the permission of the Director of the Master’s Program.

Early Admissions Option in the MA Program: This option enables academically strong students currently enrolled in Fordham College to attain both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Ethics and Society in five years. Students submit their applications in the spring of their junior year, and enter the program in their senior year when they take two graduate courses that count toward the B.A. as well as the M.A. Graduate courses taken while still at the College must be approved by the Director of Ethics and Society. All graduate courses taken in the early admissions option to the M.A. program should be at the 5000 level.

The policy applies to FCRH, FCLC and PCS students. The minimum GPA to be eligible to apply is 3.2 or above after five semesters of work in the College. Applications do not need to include GRE scores unless the student is planning to apply for financial aid during the 5th year.

For descriptions of recent courses please visit Fordham's Online Course Catalog or review on program website.

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