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International Humanitarian Action


Degree Requirements 

The Master of Arts In International Humanitarian Action is a unique course of study that focuses on emergency preparedness and the necessary humanitarian responses to disasters. Co-taught by Fordham faculty and field practitioners the program explore all aspects of humanitarian assistance. Students study the political, historical, sociological, anthropological, legal, ethical, psychosocial, and environmental (among others) context to examine past, current and possible future complex emergencies. 

Program Requirements: A total of thirty-two (32) credits with a GPA of 3.0 (B) or better and an approved Master’s Thesis are required to complete the degree. 

Required Core Courses:
International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance: HUAF 5000 & 5001, PSYC 5715 and SOCI 5506 - these courses must be taken together.
International Diploma in Operational Humanitarian Assistance: HUAF 5010, 5030, 5031, and a choice of one elective such as: HUAF 5020, 5055, 5040
International Diploma in the Management of Humanitarian Action: HUAF 5070, 5080, 5090.
International Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership: HUAF 5060, 5095 AND 5990

The Masters Thesis: The thesis is the capstone experience of the master’s program in International Humanitarian Action. Ideally, it is a project that expands the body of knowledge in the Humanitarian field in the area of practice, theory or policy. The quality of the manuscript should be suitable for publishing.

Thesis Process: Student will choose a committee, consisting of one Fordham faculty advisor and a reader who is a humanitarian practitioner/lecturer with significant practical experience in humanitarian affairs. The committee should be formed by the time student completes 24 credits and prior to registering for this course. Regular meetings (in person or virtually) will be essential as a student progresses toward the final thesis defense. 

Student develops a written proposal for the thesis, which will be approved by the committee and the director of the program. Once the advisor, reader and topic have been chosen and committee has approved the thesis proposal, student will register for HUAF 5990 - Thesis Research.
The thesis will demonstrate the knowledge and skill gained throughout the coursework and will contribute to the body of existing literature. The thesis requirement is completed upon successful defense and presentation of thesis to GSAS Dean as described in the GSAS Academic Policies and Procedures Guidebook.

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