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Degree Requirements

The department offers graduate programs leading to the MA degree in Political Science and in Elections and Campaign Management. In addition to offering an MA in Political Science and in Elections and Campaign Management, the department participates in an interdisciplinary MA in International Political Economy and Development with the departments of Economics and Sociology. Applicants to the MA are expected to have a 3.0 (B) average in an undergraduate political science major or in a cognate field.

Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science Program

The MA in political science is designed for students seeking a firm foundation in all fields of the discipline:
  •  American Politics,
  •  Political Theory,
  •  International Politics,
  •  Comparative Politics
Students are required to take ten one-semester courses (30 credits) or complete eight one-semester courses (24 credits) and a Master's Thesis (6 credits). Courses taken must include at least one course from three of the four fields; the remaining courses may be distributed across subfields as the student wishes. An average of 3.0 (B) must be maintained in the course work. A Master of Arts comprehensive examination in one field selected by the student is required.

The department offers a range of lecture courses taught annually. Tutorials are taught by various faculty and are designed to bridge the gap between lecture courses and the student's more specific interests.

Further information on degree requirements and examinations is available from the department office.
For advisement or program information at Rose Hill contact Monika McDermott, Associate Professor, 441 East Fordham Road (718-817-3963 or
Please feel free to call 718-817-3963, or stop by the department, located in Faber Hall, 6th Floor, if you have any further questions. 
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Subfields: I. American Politics

            POSC 5100              American Political Behavior
            POSC 5130              Political Institutions and Processes
            POSC 5135              Public Policy
            POSC 5180              American Democracy: Theory and Practice

Following work in the above courses, students who concentrate in American Politics may proceed to individual tutorial work with faculty on advanced topics. With the consent of the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and the Director of the Election and Campaign Management Program, students may also enroll in Election and Campaign Management courses.

Subfields: II. Political Theory  

            POSC 5300             Introduction to Political Theory
            POSC 5309             Classical Political Thought
            POSC 5301             Modern Political Thought
            POSC 5314             Contemporary Political Thought 
            POSC 5313             Late Modern Political Though 

Subfields: III. International Politics

            POSC 5600             Analysis of International Politics
            POSC 6530             Political Economy of Development
            POSC 6640             Politics of Global Economic Relations
            POSC 5560             Conflict Resolution

Subfields: IV. Comparative Politics

            POSC 5500             Comparative Political Analysis
            POSC 6230             Political Economy of Development
            POSC 6552             Political Economy of the Middle East
            POSC 6991             Political Risk Analysis

Early Admissions Option to the MA Program:  Students normally are invited to apply in their junior year. Applications do not need to include GRE scores unless the student is planning to apply for financial aid during the 5th year.  This policy applies to outstandingstudents at FCRH, FCLC, and PCS who have a minimum grade point average of 3.2.

In their senior year students may take up to three graduate courses that count toward the B.A. degree and are accepted for the M.A. at Fordham. Graduate courses taken while still at the College must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies of the Department.  Students are able to complete an M.A. in political science in two semesters of full–time study, which is normally in their fifth year.
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Master of Arts (MA) in Elections and Campaign Management

The Elections and Campaign Management program at Fordham provides training that blends theory and scholarly investigation of politics with practical electioneering. Students study voting behavior and political institutions as well as polling, campaign strategy, fundraising and media communications. This program is designed to attract students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds including: political science, communications, business administration and management, history, economics, sociology, psychology and other, related fields of study. 

Students enrolled in the Master’s Program in Elections and Campaign Management at Fordham University follow a curriculum that balances core technical courses in quantitative analysis and survey research with political science courses that cover central subjects in electoral behavior, political institutions, communication, and ethics. The program requires completion of 30 credits (7 courses in the major, 2 electives and the internship). Students are required to complete a professional-level internship in a political consulting firm or a campaign organization.  

For Elections and Campaign Management advisement or program information at Rose Hill contact Professor Costas Panagopoulos, Program Director, 667 Faber Hall (718-817-3967 or 
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Required Courses:

            POSC 5100              American Political Behavior
            POSC 5130              Political Institutions and Processes
            POSC 5250              Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
            POSC 5238              Strategies of Political Communication
            POSC 5240              Fundamentals of Political Campaign Management
            POSC 5243              Campaign Finance and Ethics
            POSC 5244              Election and Campaign Management Internship
            POSC 5251              Political Survey Research

Students in the Elections and Campaigns Program are also required to complete 2 elective courses.  Elections and Campaign Management Program electives may include:
            POSC 5299             Special Topics in Campaigns and Elections
            POSC 5245             Earned Media Strategies
            POSC 5246             Technology and Campaigns

Students may also enroll in related elective courses offered in the Political Science, Communications, History, Business, Economics, Sociology, and Psychology departments with the approval of the program director.
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Early Admissions Option for the MA in Elections and Campaign Management Program:  Outstanding Fordham undergraduate students with a grade point average of 3.2 or better are eligible to apply to for early admission to the M.A. program in Elections and Campaign Management.  Students submit their application materials in the spring of their junior year and begin the program during the fall of their senior year.

Undergraduate students admitted to the program under the early admissions policy may take up to three (3) graduate courses during their senior year with the approval of the program director. These courses will count toward the B.A. and are accepted for the M.A. in Elections and Campaign Management. Students should also seek the approval of their undergraduate advisor before registering their courses. Students following this option typically complete the degree requirements in their fifth year if they study full time. This policy applies to FCLC, FCRH, and FCLS. Courses will be held at both the Lincoln Center and the Rose Hill campuses.
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For descriptions of recent courses please visit Fordham's Online Course Catalog or review on program website.

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