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Ph.D. Departmental Core Requirements & Checklist

Departmental Core Requirements (27 cr.)  Clinical  Applied Developmental Psychometrics 
PSYC6066 History & Systems (3 cr.)  Yes Substitute PSYC 6300 Foundations in Dev. Psych.  Yes
PSYC6005 Ethics in Psychology  (3 cr.)  Yes  Yes Yes (students may take tutorial 8999 Ethics in Psychometrics)
PSYC6654 Introduction to Neuroscience with lab (3 cr.)  Yes  Yes  Yes
PSYC5710 Issues in Social Psychology (3 cr.)  Yes May substitute PSYC 5335 Social Development  Yes
PSYC6370 Cognition & Affect (3 cr.)  Yes Substitute PSYC 6330 Cognitive Development  Yes
PSYC6225 Personality Theories (3 cr.)  Yes  No  Yes
PSYC6830 Psychological Research Methodology (3 cr.)  Yes  Yes  Yes
PSYC6802 Introduction to Statistics with lab (3 cr.)  Yes Yes Usually waived for students with correct background.
PSYC 7804 Regression Analysis with lab (3 cr.)  Yes Yes  Yes
Other Department Requirements (9 cr.)      
PSYC 8015 Child Abuse Identification (0 cr.)  Yes  Yes Can be waived by program director
PSYC 8025 Departmental Research Colloquium (0 cr.)  Yes  Yes  Yes
PSYC 8050 Research Practicum – Master’s Thesis (3 cr.) or

PSYC 8040 Independent Research
 Yes PSYC 8050 if you did NOT come in w/ MA and 

PSYC 8040 if you did come in w/ MA 
PSYC 0960 Proposal Acceptance(3 cr.)  Yes  Yes  Yes
PSYC 0970 Dissertation Mentoring (Progress Report (3 cr.)  Yes   Yes  Yes
PSYC 0930 PhD Comprehensive Exam(0 cr.)  Yes  Yes  Yes
PSYC 7990 Teaching of Psychology (3 cr.)  Yes  Yes If applying for Teaching Fellowship/Associate

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