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MS in Applied Psychological Methods


Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Applied Psychological Methods (MAPM)

The 30 credit non-licensure MS in Applied Psychological Methods offered by the GSAS Psychology Department trains students to apply psychological research and statistical methods in work settings ranging from profit and non-profit business to education, health, government, media, community organizations, and research institutes. Students learn core quantitative concepts, theories, methods, and related considerations, including psychometric theory, statistical methods such as regression and multivariate analyses, survey research methods and ethical issues related to research in applied settings. Two concentrations will be offered:
  •  Program Evaluation, focusing on the evaluation of programs and program delivery, social policy, organizational change, and specific content areas such as education, development, or cognition;
  •  Tests and Measurement, focusing on item response theory, structural equation modeling, and hierarchical linear modeling.

Ethical issues in applications of science as well as population diversity knowledge and sensitivities, especially concerning different ethnicities and age groups, are a major focus of all components of the curriculum. 

Internship: All students will intern in a professional setting in the New York metropolitan area and complete a project applying their learning to a real world problem in the area of their specialization. Students are encouraged to design internship projects which facilitate service to underserved populations. 

Some interdisciplinary collaboration between Political Science, Computer and Information Science and Graduate School of Education faculty and students will be accomplished through this program.
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Core Requirements (12 credits): 

                      POSC 5251              Political Survey Research
                      PSYC 7804              Regression
                      PSYC 7816              Multivariate Analyses
                      PSYC 6900              Psychometric Theory
                      CEED 5050              Ethics and Society: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives

Area of Concentration:

    Program Evaluation Specialization (18 credits):

          Required Program Evaluation Courses (9 credits):

                    PSYC 6850                Program Evaluation
                    PSYC 6360                Social Policy
                    PSYC 7890                Qualitative Research Methods

           Program Evaluation Electives (6 credits)
                          Select two of the following: 

                    PSGE 6337                Advanced Educational Psychology
                    PSYC 6330                Cognitive Development
                    PSYC 6340                Personality Development
                    PSGE 7301                Advanced Developmental Psychology 
                    PSYC 6300                Developmental Psychology: Foundations

           Internship (3 credits): 

                    PSYC 8001                Internship in Applied Psychological Methods
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    Test and Measurement Specialization (18 credits):

          Required Test and Measurement Courses (9 credits):

                    PSYC 7920               Item Response Theory
                    PSYC 7830               Structural Equation Modeling
                    PSYC 7850               Linear Models

          Test and Measurement Electives (6 credits)
                              Select two of the following: 

                    PSYC 7812               Factor Analysis
                    PSYC 7820               Nonparametric
                    PSGE 7418               Issues in Non-Biased Assessment
                    COSC 6825               Computer Algorithms
                    COSC 6930               Data Mining

           Internship (3 credits): 

                    PSYC 8001               Internship in Applied Psychological Methods
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For further information and/or questions please contact:

Andrew Rasmussen, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology
Director, MS in Applied Psychological Methods
Fordham University

+1 (718) 817 4692
+1 (646) 293 3977

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