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Research Support: Travel Grant

Due: October 17, 2014 and January 30, 2015

Grants cover up to $1000 of costs incurred in travel to present papers at national and international conferences and/or to research sites. In the past the following types of projects were funded: (awards are not limited to these but for example)

  • presentations of papers at conferences
  • presentations of posters a symposia/conferences
  • travel to attend special programs to become more proficient in an area of research

Application Instructions: 

1. Prepare the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Project Narrative- (not to exceed two double spaced pages)

Travel to conferences: The narrative should succinctly explain the objectives, methods, and original contribution of the work to be presented and the significance of the conference. Attach documentation that the paper has been accepted for presentation. 

Travel to research sites: The narrative should succinctly explain the objectives, methods, and original contribution of the work to be presented and the significance of the research site for the project.

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Budget request and justification
  • Documentation of acceptance (if appropriate)

**Files should be uploaded electronically as PDF files on the application site, and should begin with the student's name followed by CV, Narrative, Rec., Doc., Budget, Travel or Dissertation Application (e.g. Smith_CV_Travel14F)

2. Ask for a Mentor’s or Advisor’s letter of recommendation (via email): 

Please ask your mentor or adviser to discuss
how will these funds aid the applicant in increasing his or her professional socialization or ability to obtain external funding and a position in his/her field? Please ask them to limit the recommendation to one page.The student should arrange for the mentor or adviser to submit a letter of recommendation electronically directly to the Department or Program by the deadline date.

3. Fill out the GSAS Research Support Grant Application and attach all the required documents

Considerations You Should Make Prior to Requesting Funds to Present Your Work:

  • Is this the appropriate time in your academic career to attend this conference?
  • Have you thought about the opportunities for professional visibility for yourself in the conference you are choosing to attend? (E.g. does it make sense for you to go to an international meeting in your field, or to go to two local conferences? 
  • Have you thought about the possibility of organizing a panel instead of, or in addition to, simply presenting a paper?

Additional Suggestions Students Should Consider While Preparing an Application:

  • Have you considered the possibility that increased thrift and initial planning would allow you to present work at two meetings instead of one? 
  • Have you searched for the most competitive price for your planned mode of transportation?
  • Have you considered rooming with someone if you are attending a conference?
  • Have you considered applying for funding from the society sponsoring the conference or related organizations?
  • Have you consulted with or considered applying for funds from Graduate Student Association (GSA)?
  • Have you thought of using the conferences own planning operations in order to make the most economical travel plans (including society arranged air transportation and housing, society-arranged roommate matching, etc.)?
  • Have you considered sharing transportation with someone if you plan to drive?
  • Have you had a faculty member in your department review and critique your CV? 


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