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Distinguished Fellowships - Internal

The GSAS is pleased to support the research efforts of students with the following grants:

GSAS Research Support Grants
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There are two types of research support grants:

Research Fellowship
(Due: January 16, 2015)
The GSAS Research Fellowship offers support for students who wish to work closely with faculty mentors to develop their own dissertation research projects or to learn methods or procedures that they will use on their own dissertation research.  

The grant is awarded on a competitive basis and will reward students who have presented papers at conferences, published articles or book reviews, and submitted proposals for external fellowships.  The stipend for a 2014/2015 Research Fellowship was $24,890 in addition to a tuition scholarship.  

Senior Teaching Fellowship
(Due: January 16, 2015)
The Senior Teaching Fellowship is designed for the student who has already completed a teaching fellowship within his or her department and has demonstrated effective teaching skills. 

The student’s application must include evidence of this effectiveness as provided by teaching evaluations (SEEQ) and a letter from his or her teaching mentor. The stipend for a 2014/2015 Senior Teaching Fellowship is $27,540 in addition to a tuition scholarship.

Alumni Dissertation Fellowship
(Due: January 16, 2015)
The Alumni Dissertation Fellowship is the final award an excellent doctoral candidate would receive.  The student may apply for this award only after the department has accepted the proposal and the dean has approved the dissertation title and committee.

The fellowship allows the student to devote full-time work to the dissertation and is meant to enable him or her to complete it during the fellowship year. The stipend for a 2014/2015 Alumni Dissertation Award was $29,270 in addition to a tuition scholarship.

GSAS Summer Fellowship

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The GSAS Summer Fellowship provides support to students who wish to devote the summer to work on proposals to apply for prestigious fellowships.  In disseminating these awards, the highest priority will be given to summer projects designed to prepare a student to apply for prestigious fellowships, and to improve a student’s professional credentials (beyond the normal expectation of the program).

Recipients of the fellowship are required to present papers at the annual GSAS Student Research Weekend.  Any doctoral or masters student may apply, regardless of whether he or she has been nominated for one of the larger awards. The stipend for the 2015 Summer Fellowship is $4,000.  

Updated November 17, 2014

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