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Communitas Alumni Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 3

C O M M U N I T A S 
The Newsletter of Fordham University's graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Vol. 1  Issue 3 

Communitas Alumni Newsletter The Man With Five Centuries' Experience
Alumnus Finds Inspiration in GSAS, Jesuit tradition to Help Change the World 
When Sal Giambanco, GSAS '90, left the Society of Jesus in 1995 after nine years as a Jesuit seminarian, he took with him a deep-rooted appreciation for the leadership and organizanitional principles that have enabled the Society to produce successful and world changing - leaders for nearly 500 years.  more>>

Letter from Dean Nancy Busch
Profiled in this issue of Communitas are alumni, students and faculty of Fordham University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences who are doing their part to change the world.  Perhaps the theme of this newsletter is partly a subconscious response to the transition currently taking place down in Washington, D.C., but serving the world - often through radical change - remains a fundamental characteristic of the nearly 500-year old Jesuit tradition of education.  more>>

Starting Over
Alumnus Discovers Second Career - and Inspiration - After Retirement 
As he neared the completion of a successful 20-year career in publishing, Kenneth Share, Ph.D., GSAS '02, was searching for an opportunity to do something different.   more>>

in your head
Noted Neuroscientist to Discuss the Effects the Aging process Has on the Brain
For years, general health practitioners have prescribed crossword puzzles and other brainteasers to combat the age related - and inevitable - physiological changes that gradually rob the human brain of its decision-making and complex reasoning abilities.  more>>

Returning the favor
Alumni Establish Endowed Scholarship to Honor Former Mentor
When Marv Reznikoff, Ph.D., agreed to mentor doctoral candidates, it wasn't in name only. The former chair of the Psychology department and director of Fordham's clinical training program gave his students his all.  more>>

google, for the middle age
Center for Medieval Studies Hosts Two Widely Used - and Wildly Popular - Online Search Engines
In 1996 - when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy - Fordham's Center for Medieval Studies began sponsoring an online repository of english-language translations of primary source documents from callical antiquity to modern times, with a special emphasis on the Middle Ages.  more>>

better living through biology
Biologist Helps Lead the fight Against Crohn's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Diseases
As a student at Fordham University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Jill Carton, GSAS ' 96 and '98, knew exactly what she wanted to do with her master's and doctoral degrees in molecular biology: develop pharmaceutical drugs that would change the lives of people living with life-altering diseases. 

mr. cao goes to washington
Anh "Joseph' Cao, GSAS '95, an eastern New Orleans attorney who fled war ravaged Saigon as a child, was elected to represent the city's 2nd Congressional District, becoming the first Vietnamese-American in the history of the United States Congress.  Cao (pronounced 'Gow'), earned his master's degree in philosophy at Fordham. 

GSAs fact
The Fordham University Department of Philosophy, the former academic home of Sal Giambanco, GSAS '90 and Joseph Cao, GSAS '95, ws ranked 10th nationally among graduate programs in faculty scholarly productivity, based on the faculty's outstanding record in publishing books and articles, and receiving external fellowships and awards.  more>>

Upcoming Events
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Thank you for supporting GSAS
Giving to the GSAS Annual Fund is on the rise, thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends.  The Annual Fund provides funding for student research and travel, as well as faculty and departmental initiatives.  Many individuals have also established scholarships and fellowships, or departmental funds to support students and faculty.  Looking toward the future, alumni support for GSAS will be more important than ever before as GSAS programs are now competing with some of the best in the country to recruit top students.

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