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Communitas Alumni Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2

C O M M U N I T A S 
The Newsletter of Fordham University's graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Vol. 1  Issue 2 

Communitas Alumni Newsletter Alumna Steers Company through Uncertain Times
Dessa Glasser, Ph.D., GSAS '83 and '86 is always looking for trouble.  She just can't help herself; it's part of her job.
As the Chief Risk Officer with Bunge Limited, a leading international agri-business and food company, Glasser is responsible for assessing market, credit, operational, and business and strategic risks in 30 foreign markets spread over six different continents.  I evaluate potential risks on our asset portfolio, said Glasser.  "It's my job to be out in front of any problems that could hurt us as a business."  more>>

Letter from Dean Nancy Busch
When I meet with GSAS alumni, I like to brag about our successes, and a recently compiled listing of student achievements for the academic year 2007-2008 will make that even easier.  The record included 161 student presentations at regional, national and international conferences, 54 student publications, and 44 national and international fellowships and awards to GSAS students.  more>>

In Her Own Words
Liz Pfifer, GSAS '08, is currently working in Madagascar with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) as part of the international humanitarian agency's agro-economic development and environment stewardship initiatives, which work to increase the quality and sustainabilityof local food sources.  more>>

Alumni Preside over Institutes of Higher Learning
As word continues to spread about Fordham University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, five alumni are currently working to implement some of the school's characteristic academic principles and student-centered programs into their own colleges and universities-from downtown Manhattan to the heart of Hong Kong.  more>>

Master's Program in Writing Underlines scholarship and Creativity
Students interested in pursuing a writing career must decide between a master of fine arts program, which traditionally focuses almost exclusively on the craft of writing, or--at the opposite end of the spectrum--a master's degree in English, which doesn't consider the creative writing process.  more>>

Poetry Power
Established in 1992 by a small group of Fordham faculty, staff, students and alumni to foster the appreciation, creation and study of poetry within the University and in the wider New York City community, Poets Out Loud has become a nationally recog nized reading series for established—and up-and-coming—New York City poets to showcase their talents.  more>>

Dedicated Professor finds the Time for GSAS
larry Altman, Ph.D. FCRH '72 and GSAS '74 and '82, has been involved with Fordham for the better part of four decades.  After earning his bachelor's degree from Fordham College at Rose Hill in 1972, Altman completed his master's degree two years later and earned his doctorate in biological sciences in 1982. 

Fordham robotics and Computer Vision Lab Comes Into Its Own
With a series of recent high-profile grants, Fordham University's Robotics and Computer Vision Laboratory is quickly becoming a nationally recognized leader in robotics technology and automated surveillance.  more>>

Upcoming Events
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Thank you for supporting GSAS
Giving to the GSAS Annual Fund is on the rise, thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends.  The Annual Fund provides funding for student research and travel, as well as faculty and departmental initiatives.  Many individuals have also established scholarships and fellowships, or departmental funds to support students and faculty.  Looking toward the future, alumni support for GSAS will be more important than ever before as GSAS programs are now competing with some of the best in the country to recruit top students.

To give a gift or make a pledge to support GSAS, please contact Valerie Longwood at (212) 636-7439 or

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