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Communitas Alumni Newsletter Vol. II Issue 2

C O M M U N I T A S 
The Newsletter of Fordham University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Vol. II  Issue 2 


An irish blessing
Alumnas Continues to fight for a Lasting Peace in Ireland  
Optimism, faith and an unwavering devotion to his family's Irish heritage have inspired William J. Flynn, GSAS '51, to commit the better part of a lifetime to ending the violent confilct in Northern Ireland. 

"No pessimist ever set foot on Ellis Island, no pessimist ever crossed the prairies and no pessimist ever built cities from one end of the continent to another", said Flynn, one of the key architects of the Northern Ireland Peace Process.  more>>

Letter from Dean Nancy Busch
One of the catchphrases for higher education these days is "globalization" or "internationalization"." What does internationalization mean for us?  What does it mean for graduate programs in the arts and sciences at a Jesuit university? A global perspective is intergral to the Jesuit tradition. From the earliest days of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits reached out across the continents with a cultural sensitivity hundreds of years ahead of its time.  Matteo Ricci and other Jesuits were global travelers who emphasized the study of language and adaption to culture.  more>>

come together
Mobilizing the world's Spiritual Communities as Agents for Change 
Since 1994, when he was named secretary general of Religions for Peace, an international coalition of religious communities dedicated to religious communities dedicated to promoting peace, William Vendley, Ph.D. GSAS '84, has worked in areas such as Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Sri Lanka to rally and equip religious communities to intervene peacefully where ther is armed conflict.  more>>

mr. utility
Alumnus Contributes to the Greater Good in Many Ways 
Although Benjamin Taylor, GSAS '05, grew up socially conscious, his committment to the greater good crystallized at Rose Hill while studying for his masters's degree in the University's International Political Economy and Development (IPED) program.  more>>

a shared mission
Students Seek to Improve Standards of Living in Paraguay
At first glance, fordham graduate students Brian McElwain and Carlos Jara De Marco don't appear to have much in common.   more>>

Help is on the way
New Master's Degree Program Ensures Emergency Preparedness
The staggering humanitatian crisis in Haiti demonstrates once again the urgent need for a swift and effective international response to natural and man-made disasters — a need a new master's degree program in humanitarian action at Fordham hopes to address.    more>>

a call to arms
Professor Considers the Realpolitik of Military Intervention and Humanitarian Action 
Does the international community have an obligation to intervene if a sovereign state is unwilling or unable to prevent genocide, massive killings or other human rights violations within its won borders?   more>>

The rights of man
Human Rights Should be Guaranteed for All, Says Apostolic Nuncio
In a world being transformed by globalization, human rights should be irrefutable, the Vatican's ambassador to Zambia and Malawi told Graduate School of Arts and Sciences alumni last November during the Fall 2009 Gannon Lecture.   more>>

the 2010 spring gannon lecture 
Could St. Ignatius Loyola's Spiritual Exercises Have Spared us the 2008 wall Street Crash?
Chris Lowney, FCRH '81, GSAS '81, a former Jesuit seminarian and author of the bestselling Herioc Leadership: Best Practices From a 450-year-Old Company that Changed the World (2003), draws a connection between the recent economic meltdown and the benefits of St. Ignatius Loyola's SpiritualExercises.
In the coming years, Jesuit universities will be challenged to make better use of this rich resource, as theycontinue to prepare students committed to doing the world a world of good.

He has served as a managing director of J.P. Morgan and held senior positions in New York, Tokoyo, Singapore and London before leaving the firm in 2001.
He is also the author of Herioc Living: Discover Your Purpose and Save the World (2009), and A Vanished World: Medieval Spain's Golden Age of Enlightment (2005). 

16 April | 6:30 p.m.
Rose Hill Campus, Duane Library, Tognino Hall
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