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Masters of Arts in International Humanitarian Action

The field of humanitarian affairs is a changing landscape of complex issues. To meet these challenges, Fordham University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, in collaboration with the Institute for International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA), has created a master's program in Institute of International Humanitarian Action. Please visit the International Humanitarian Affairs website for more information.

The benefits of this program include:
  • Fordham faculty who provide students with the necessary context for examining past, current, and possible future complex emergencies
  • IIHA lecturers drawn from fields in the UN, international non-government organizations, military, religious, and other professional fields
  • Practical tools needed to forecast and respond to disasters
  • Training to advance and professionalize the field
The program consists of: 
  • 32 credits offered in 1, 2, and 4 week intensive sections
  • 2 credits per week — the equivalent of 35 - 40 instructional hours
  • Pre-meeting readings, discussions, post-meeting assignments and research projects
  • 4 modules of 8 credits each

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