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Master of Arts in International Humanitarian Action Program Cost

The IIHA and GSAS offer a new comprehensive master's program in International Humanitarian Action that will combine the experience of long-time humanitarian professionals with the academic strength of Fordham faculty. The MIHA will focus on emergency preparedness as well as the necessary humanitarian responses to disasters.

For those not enrolled in the full master's program, a module may be taken separately or courses may be taken individually under the GSAS procedures for non-matriculated study. 
The International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (IDHA) module must be completed first.

Click on the '–' sign to display the cost and description of the modules.

 Module I - International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance  
 Module 2 - International Diploma in Operational Humanitarian Assistance
 Module 3 - International Diploma in the Management of Humanitarian Action
 Module 4 - International Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership
IIHA Program                      Total Cost:   $26,800           Discount Price:    $23,700

Last updated August 27, 2014

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