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    G R A D U A T E  S C H O O L  of    A R T S  &  S C I E N C E S   

Common RoomAs a prospective Master’s student, you are likely to be investigating a number of graduate schools and wondering which one will offer you the most opportunities for growth. Within Fordham’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences our master’s programs provide students with professional skills and confidence to put newly gained knowledge into action.

GSAS programs are built on the reciprocity implied in mentorship, so GSAS students and faculty members create programs of recognized excellence through collegial and collaborative interactions. The GSAS promotes ethical reflection and respects all faith traditions to nurture the heart and soul as well as the mind with the goal of producing leaders whose professional achievements are matched by their social responsibility.

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Computer & Information Sciences Latin American & Latino Studies
Elections & Campaign Management Philosophy
Ethics & Society Sociology & Anthropology (Justice & Criminology Concentration)

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