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Graduate Certificate in Health Care Ethics

Program Description

The Fordham University Graduate Certificate Program in Health Care Ethics is a four-course educational sequence designed to provide students with knowledge and critical thinking skills to enhance their understanding of and participation in discourse regarding ethically-relevant policy decisions affecting mental and physical health care treatment and research. 
Drawing upon the strengths and expertise of Fordham faculty from the humanities and the social and physical sciences, the certificate program exposes students to multidisciplinary perspectives on the religious, moral, sociopolitical, cultural, legal, and professional values underlying current ethical controversies on policy-relevant issues such as:

     • advanced directives for treatment and research
     • death and dying
     • health insurance and managed care
     • federal regulation of gene therapy and reproductive technologies. 
This multidisciplinary program — designed for graduate students, lawyers, clergy, physicians, and other professional in health care or business — will help you to:

     • sharpen your critical thinking skills,
     • gain a multidisciplinary understanding of bioethical issues,
     • interact with leading scholars in law, philosophy, psychology, sociology and theology,
     • enhance your marketability in business, law, health care, and other fields,
     • advance informed moral discourse and shape national policies in health care treatment and research.

Decisions about health care ethics affect everyone in society. The most controversial and pressing issues — from embryonic stem cell research to end-of-life care — require a clear understanding of the sociopolitical, economic, cultural, religious, legal, and profession values that inform personal choices and policy decisions. You can set yourself apart in the ongoing debate by earning a Graduate Certificate in Health Care Ethics.

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For additional information on the Graduate Certificate Program in Health Care Ethics, please contact the Assistant Director of the Center for Ethics Education: 

Adam Fried, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Fordham University Center for Ethics Education
441 East Fordham Road, Dealy 226, Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: 718-817-0926

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