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Elections & Campaign Management

    G R A D U A T E  S C H O O L  of    A R T S  &  S C I E N C E S    

Master of Arts in Elections & Campaign Management

The Elections & Campaign Management program is a unique experience structured to blend theory and application. The nation’s premier training program for election and campaign management, the program is designed to be academically rigorous and practical. Instructors are leading academics and practitioners who are at the forefront of the various areas in political consulting. Within one year, students master all the tools necessary to effectively manage political campaigns.

Admittance to the ECM program is a highly selective process, and we endeavor to attract an exceptionally talented class with tremendous potential and solid previous achievements. Students build strong friendships and partnerships with their peers. To that end, the ECM program provides students with many opportunities to enrich their academic and social experience throughout the year.

Our goal is to make students’ experiences in the Elections and Campaign Management program as successful and pleasant as possible. Once students complete the program, they are amongst the best-trained political campaign professionals in the nation—and the world! They go on to influence directly who is elected, who governs, who leads.

For more information about the application process, click the 'Apply Online' button at the top of the page.  For more information about this M.A. program, contact:

Dr. Costas Panagopoulos
Elections & Campaign Management Program


phone:  (718) 817-3967


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