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The Fordham philosophy department has a long and distinguished tradition. At the graduate level, most of its students work towards a Ph.D. while obtaining an MA as they do so. But the department regularly accepts those wishing to obtain an MA only (a terminal MA, as we call it), and we encourage such people to apply to Fordham and to benefit from what our department has to offer.

Fordham's philosophy department is noted for two things: (1) the quality of its faculty, many of whom enjoy international reputations in their areas of research; and (2) its pluralism: at Fordham, as in few other American universities, students can expect to find teachers coming from very different philosophical traditions while living and working harmoniously together. MA students coming to study philosophy at Fordham can therefore expect to find professors teaching courses on continental philosophy, analytical philosophy, medieval philosophy, ancient philosophy, and more. MA students looking for a department with wide ranging philosophical interests are likely to find Fordham a good place in which to study.

All MA students are required to do 30 hours of course work (10 courses) and to take one course in each of the major areas of the history of philosophy: Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary. To receive their MA they must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in course work. They must also submit two papers dealing with two different historical periods and two different thematic areas. These papers shall be blind reviewed by two readers. Students need a grade of 'Pass' on each of these papers in order to receive the MA.

The Fordham philosophy department belongs to a consortium of New York universities. So MA students coming to Fordham are eligible to take a limited number of courses at NYU, Columbia, and CUNY.


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