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Computer and Information Science

Computer and Information Science at a Glance (2012-2013)

Over the past 3 years students earned an average of 14 credits per term, while in coursework. Visit our Tuition and Fees page to view the current tuition fees.

In academic year 2012 - 2013, 20 students were enrolled in the computer and information science program. 

In the computer and information science program, 5 (27%) students had stipends, including:
distinguished fellowships 1 20%
graduate assistantships 4 80%

In the computer and information science program, 6 (33%) students had scholarships, including:
distinguished fellowships 1 17%
graduate assistantships 4 66%
tuition scholarships 1 17%

Visit the following websites regarding GSAS Funding:

GSAS Funding
Distinguished Fellowships

Of 21 admitted applicants for Fall 2012, 5 (24%) made up the entering Master’s cohort.

The entering cohorts had GRE score (2008-2010) ranges of:
Verbal 470 - 550
Quantitative 760 - 800
Analytical Writing 4 - 4

The average Bachelor’s GPA for incoming students:

  • 3.19

Fordham awarded 5 master's degrees.


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