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Eva BadowskaFordham has launched an effort to deeply examine liberal arts education and articulate its value for students.

Eva Badowska,Ph.D., now acting dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, was tapped to chair the Fordham Task Force on the Future of Liberal Arts Education.

Task Force Charged with Defining Liberal Arts Skill Set

Eva Badowska, Ph.D.
Acting Dean
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Jason Munshi-SouthJason Munshi-South, an associate professor of biological sciences at the Louis Calder Center Biological Field Station in Armonk, N.Y., studies the ways in which human development influences the movements of wildlife, and, if that movement has been impeded, how their evolution is altered as a result.
The Professor Explores the Urban Menagerie

Jason Munshi-South, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Caitlin Waickman Caitlin Waickman helped to document the history of, and proposed plans for, the Domino Sugar factory and other Brooklyn sites through collaborative research with other students. The project is now part of a website titled The Sixth Borough: Redefining Brooklyn's Waterfront.

Caitlin Waickman, FCRH '12, GSAS '14
Urban Studies
Annika Hinze Annika Hinze, assistant professor of political science, has written a book titled Turkish Berlin: Integration Policy and Urban Space.

It reveals how integration has been experienced by second-generation Turkish immigrant women in two neighborhoods in Berlin, Germany. Local integration policies—often created by officials who have little or no contact with immigrants—have significant effects on the assimilation of outsiders into a community

Annika Hinze, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Political Science
Evon Hekkala Procuring funds for research isn't the flip side to a scientist's livelihood,it is fundamental to our livelihood.

Evon Hekkala, assistant professor of biology, is using crowdsourcing to fund research that she and her students are conducting jointly with the American Museum of Natural History. Biologist Takes it to the People

Evon Hekkala, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences
Her research contributes to options in the Conservation Biology Certificate Program.
Costas Panagopoulos With yet another election season in the making—this one primarily of local interest—the pros and cons of campaign finance are again making news.

Thanks to new funding, Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D., associate professor of political science and director of Fordham’s Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy, will have a chance to substantially weigh in on the subject. Grant to be Used to Study Campaign Financing

Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D., Director
Elections and Campaign Management
Sabha Mani The primary focus of Subha Mani's research is to contribute towards the understanding of programs and policies that improve long-run economic and social well being among children and adults in developing countries. Her current research draws upon empirical evidence from Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam.
Vocational education: a means to an end
Choosing to be trained: Behavioural restrictions on participation decisions
Impact of Vocational training for Young Women in Delhi

Subha Mani, Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Randy Wilkins, Eljon Wardally, Sheldon Candis Eljon Wardally, second year MFA playwright, shared The Huffington Post's Grand Jury Prize with her director Randy Wilkins for their film of Eljon's screenplay, "Docket 32357".

The film is also slated to be featured on the ABFF Independent film channel and to play in the Montreal International Black Film Festival and the Caribbean Tales Film Festival held in Toronto in mid September.

Randy Wilkins, Director
Eljon Wardally, MFA Playwright
Sheldon Candis, Director
Maryanne KowaleskiMaryanne Kowaleski, Ph.D., is at the helm of an "Occupy" movement.

And although the oft-forgotten peasantry of medieval England--the "90 percent"-- might not galvanize the protestors of Zuccotti Park, her "Occupy the Middle Ages" rally was well received among North American medievalists this spring. Medieval Scholar Championsa Peasant Revival

Maryanne Kowaleski, Ph.D.
Director of Fordham's Center for Medieval Studies
Arnond SakworawichUnder the guidance of his mentor Charles Lewis, Ph.D., professor of psychology, Arnond Sakworawich worked on developing models for college placement and classification. He received GSAS and College Board fellowships.

Whilethe applications of his field are wide, he hopes to continue in the educational testing industry, which is concentrated in urban centers on theEast and West coasts, including New York.Thai Scholar Passes the New York Test

Arnond Sakworawich, GSAS'13
Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology
Peter Wirthumer, Pei Li, and Fan Zhang"Team IPED" took second place in the U.S. national competition for the Global Management Challenge held at the New York Stock Exchange.

The Global Management Challenge is the largest Strategy and Management Competition in the world with over 500,000 students and professionals participating in over30 countries. more>>>

Peter Wirthumer
Pei Li
Fan Zhang
Stephen GrimmStephen R. Grimm, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy, has received a $3.56 million grant from the Templeton Foundation to develop a better understanding of human understanding itself.

Grimm's award is the largest that Fordham University has ever received in the humanities. It will fund an interdisciplinary initiative, "Varieties of Understanding: New Perspectives from Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology." Professor Earns $3.56 Million Templeton Grant

Stephen R. Grimm, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Olivia HookerIn 1961,Olivia Hooker completed her doctoral studies at the University of Rochester,where she was the only woman and only African-American in her class. She became a psychology professor at Fordham University in 1963, and stayed for 22 years. Celia Fisher, Ph.D. who directs Fordham's Center for Ethics, remembers Hooker initiating and leading a mentoring program for ethnic-minority students.
Read the article on Professor Olivia Hooker

Olivia Hooker, Ph.D.
professor emerita of psychology at Fordham
Christine ZolnikOn the“Aww, aren’t they cute!” scale,bears, chipmunks, and mice would seem to inhabit the opposite ends of the spectrum.

But from Christine Zolnik’s perspective, they’re on equal footing when it comes to understanding how tick-borne diseases spread through cities, suburbs and forests. Fordham Student Taps Mammals Large and Small for Tick Research

Christine Zolnik, Ph.D. Candidate
Biological Sciences
Scyatta WallaceScyatta Wallace, Ph.D. (GSAS '98 and '02) was selected to receive the 2012 American Psychological Association Division 35 Carolyn Robertson Payton Early Career Award. Division 35 is the Society for the Psychology of Women.

View Dr. Wallace's Biography

Scyatta Wallace, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Marillac Hall
St. John's University
Mary BlyMary Bly (a.k.a. Eloisa James) Talks to TIME about her Literary Double Life

By day, Mary Bly is a highly credentialed (Harvard, Oxford, Yale) Shakespearean scholar and professor at Fordham University. But when no one is looking, she transforms herself into Eloisa James, author of 21 romance novels, 17 of them New York Times bestsellers. more>>>

Mary Bly, Ph.D.
Professor of English
LouieDean-Valencia"The history faculty is incredible. Not only do the professors push you to new limits, they provide you with a support system that creates a true learning environment."

Louie Dean-Valencia, Ph.D. Candidate
Modern European History
Research Grant, Program for Cultural Cooperation
Summer Fellowship, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
GSAS Summer Fellowship
GSAS Research Support Grant
Jason Aloisio "The establishment of Fordham Urban Sustainability and Ecosystems (FUSE) would not have been possible without the vast institutional support I received. The Fordham community came together in helping me gain access to roof space on the Rose Hill campus and then construct an experimental agricultural rooftop."

Jason Aloisio, Ph.D. Candidate
Biological Sciences
GSAS Research Support Grant, 2011
Urban Ecology and Ecosystems Section of Ecological Society of America-Travel Grant
GSAS Application Fee Reduced to $35 


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Rachel Annunziato, Ph.D., associate professor for clinical psychology, Fordham University and co-author of the study examining the impact of only the currently approved treatment of HCV in children.

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Cahill. He was honored with Ireland's Distinguished Service Award.

Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D. Director of Elections and Campaign Management program sits down with Chris Glorioso to discuss midterm elections.

Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D., Director, Elections and Campaign Management Program, is in the news....
"Alaska voters upset about public shaming mailers, but experts say they work"

What Motivates Voters? Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D. Peers into Voter Behavior

Anastasi Lecture Paints Bleak Picture of Class Disparity
Growing economic disparity in America is shattering the American Dream, and there’s plenty of data to back the up the assertion. This was the none-too-subtle message that Henry Braun, Ph.D., delivered at the seventh Anastasi Lecture at Fordham Lincoln Center on Oct. 21

Congratulations to Christina Greer, Ph.D., an assistant professor in political science at the Lincoln Center Campus. She was named to City & State's Class of 2014 "40 Under 40 Rising Stars."

Fordham's Alexander van Tulleken, M.D. stresses humanity in U.S. ebola case

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Patricia Peek, Ph.D., FCRH '90, GSAS '92, GSAS '07
New Admissions Director's Fordham Roots Run Deep

MFA in Playwriting 
What makes Fordham/Primary Stages MFA in Playwriting unique?
  • Professional mentors
  • Two full productions with cast and crew
  • Professional networking
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Fordham/Primary Stages MFA in Playwriting website.

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