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Letter from Dean Nancy Busch


Larry Altman, Ph.D. 
FCRH '72, GSAS '74, & '82
Mary Ann Bartels, GSB '85, GSAS '92
F. Jay Breyer*, Ph.D., GSAS '81, co-chair
Edward E. Conway Jr., M.D., GSAS '80
Laura A. Coruzzi, Esq., Ph.D. TMC '73, GSAS '75 and '79, J.D. '85
Jeanne Dietrich, Ph.D., GSAS '84
James Falk, Ph.D., FCRH '74, GSAS '76, and '80
Sean Fanelli, Ph.D. GSAS '70
William J. Flynn, GSAS '51
Sal Giambanco, GSAS '90
Dessa Glasser, Ph.D., GSAS '83, and '86
J. Kenneth Hickman, GSB '51
Margaret Monahan Hogan, Ph.D., GSAS '68
Linda Fallo-Mitchell, Ph.D., GSAS '77 and '80
James O'Brien, Ph.D., FCRH '66, GSAS '68 and '73
Joseph Pieroni, GSAS '72
Joseph S. Portera Jr., FCRH '81, GSAS '99
Joseph Quinlan*, GSAS '84, co-chair
Mary Byrne Rogan*, Ph.D., TMC '72, GSAs '78 and '83
Alberto Sanchez, GSAS '96
Kenneth Share, Ph.D., GSAS '02
Gerald Siuta, Ph.D., GSAS '74
Immac "Casey" Thampoe, Ph.D., FCRH '80, GSAS '82 and '86, and J.D. '94

Emeritus Members
Barbara Mutkoski, Ph.D., GSAS '73

*Member of the GSAS Campaign Committee.

How do the characteristics of the Jesuit tradition apply to graduate education? This question has been addressed in previous issues of Communitas, but we have not explored what many consider a key aspect of the Jesuit tradition—cura personalis. Often defined as “care for the whole person,” the phrase was originally used to describe care that considered the uniqueness of each person. In this issue, cura personalis is expressed in two themes, both focusing on uniqueness.

By working closely with Fordham’s undergraduate colleges, students in Fordham’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
(GSAS) have experienced cura personalis by the opportunities they have to acquire teaching experience. This preparation in the key responsibility of academic life has enabled GSAS’s strong academic placement record. This issue profiles five academicians. One profile tells the story of a young alumnus starting a new job at Yale University, while four introduce the contributions of GSAS alumni to education in community colleges—contributions that include a prestigious teaching award, the development of a highly regarded honors program and the leadership of one of the most respected community colleges in the nation.

Another expression of cura personalis in a GSAS education is found in our connection to the world beyond the classroom. The profile of Lenny Cassuto, Ph.D., professor of English and columnist for the The Chronicle of Higher Education, details how he pushes and prods faculty colleagues to acknowledge that the landscape of American higher education is changing and that caring for the whole person means preparing students for opportunities outside of the academy. 

The twin profiles of Kamal Y. Azari, Ph.D., a 1988 alumnus of GSAS, and his doctoral adviser, John Entelis, Ph.D., professor of political science and director of the Middle East Studies program at Fordham, show both a concern and interest in real-world events, like the Arab Spring, and the pursuit of a nontraditional career as a wine-maker! And in response to the inevitable follow-up question, yes, I have visited Azari Vineyards and tasted his wine. It is wonderful. I suggest that you sample Azari wine and find out for yourselves. 

Nancy A. Busch, Ph.D., Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

P.S. This issue of Communitas was written by Alexandra Loizzo, GSAS '11, who earned her master’s degree student in English. She was the Gradaute School of Arts and Sciences' blogger in residence for the 2010-2011 academic year. She currently resides in Boston, Mass., where she works in higher education.

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