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Fordham Students Give Back Through BRAC

fordham students give back through brac

A collaboration helps students help others


Each spring the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) hosts a poster/video competition for students and faculty to learn about research in other academic areas. Graduate students present videos or posters in different categories that highlight their current or recent research.

This year, the competition includes a new category: an interdisciplinary task force of Fordham graduate students will compete to prepare the best public awareness campaign for BRAC, a development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty. The campaign will focus on a project for adolescent girls in Tanzania. Up to three members of the task force will travel to the country this summer to gather stories and videos for the campaign.

The Fordham-BRAC project is designed to help students achieve their potential and bring about a lasting, positive change around the world.

BRAC’s vision is to create a world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination, where everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential. The organization works to promote the well-being of those most vulnerable and aims to combat poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice.

By joining with BRAC in this pilot competition, GSAS will continue this tradition and give students a valuable and meaningful opportunity to strengthen their own professional development across different academic disciplines, while simultaneously helping those in need.


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