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Joining the conversation: The power of Social media

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences uses social media to foster community on campus and beyond.

Social media’s not just for students anymore.

Like other institutions of higher education, Fordham University recognizes the importance of social media. Which is why the University is harnessing this power to make connections.

Fordham’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) has always emphasized the importance of conversations in the pursuit of academic success and in the formation and empowerment of the individual. Social media is the conversation of the future, and GSAS is getting involved now.

In the last year, GSAS has expanded its digital reach by joining the three big names in social media: Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. By 2008, there were already at least 1 billion different internet devices in existence around the world. GSAS’s presence on all three of these online platforms, then, creates a sense of continuous community among graduate students who are not always on campus. This helps form and solidify bonds among students, professors, administration, alumni, and the local and global communities beyond Fordham’s gates.

In fact, GSAS’s social media strategy is already working. Though it has only been in existence since August 2010, GSAS’s new blog——was listed among the “Top School Blogs” on, and was named the website’s “Editor’s Pick of the Day” in February.

By the end of February, the blog had generated approximately 3,000 pageviews, and was visited by readers from 10 different countries.

Alexandra Loizzo is a second-year graduate student. GSAS chose her as its blogger in residence for the 2010-2011 academic year. “I want to empower others to start discussions through the blog,” she said. “Because that’s what the blogosphere is really about. You don’t want to be putting your thoughts out into empty space. I want my entries to create conversation among members of the Fordham community and with anyone who’s interested in a graduate student’s experience.”

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