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Letter from Dean Nancy Busch


Larry Altman, Ph.D. 
FCRH '72, GSAS '74, & '82
Mary Ann Bartels, GSB '85, GSAS '92
F. Jay Breyer*, Ph.D., GSAS '81, co-chair
Edward E. Conway Jr., M.D., GSAS '80
Laura A. Coruzzi, Esq., Ph.D. TMC '73, GSAS '75 and '79, Law '85
James Falk, Ph.D., FCRH '74, GSAS '76, and '80
Sean Fanelli, Ph.D. GSAS '70
Dessa Glasser, Ph.D., GSAS '83, and '86
Andrea Merenyi, FCRH '75, GSAS '85
Joseph Pieroni, GSAS '72
Joseph S. Portera Jr., FCRH '81, GSAS '99
Joseph Quinlan*, GSAS '84, co-chair
Mary Byrne Rogan*, Ph.D., TMC '72, GSAs '78 and '83
Kenneth Share, Ph.D., GSAS '02
Gerald Siuta, Ph.D., GSAS '74
Immac "Casey" Thampoe, Ph.D., FCRH '80, GSAS '82 and '86, and LAW '94
Peter Ventimiglia Sr., Ph.D., FCRH '65, GSAS '67 and '73

Emeritus Members
Joseph Coyne, GSAS '59
Barbara Mutkoski, Ph.D., GSAS '73

*Member of the GSAS Campaign Committee.

One of the catchphrases for higher education these days is "globalization" or "internationalization".  What does internationalization mean for us?  What does it mean for graduate programs in the arts and sciences at a Jesuit university?  A global perspective is integral to the Jesuit tradition. From the earliest days of the Society of Jesus, the jesuits reached out across the continents with a cultural sensitivity humdreds of years ahead of its time.  Matteo Ricci and other Jesuits were global travelers who emphasized the study of language and adaptation to culture.

Like our Jesuit forebears, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has been a trailblazer in promoting international humanitarian action and global outreach. Throughout our 95-year history, GSAS has prepared alumni eager to respond to the needs of others at both the individual and institutional level by using knowledge for the common good.

In this issue of Communitas, you will read the inspiring stories of three alumni—from three different generations of the history of GSAS—who exemplify the school’s longstanding commitment to serving humanity. Also featured are students, administrators and faculty who are building upon this tradition by providing fellowships for returning Peace Corps volunteers and Fulbright scholars from around the globe, researching international organizations and negotiations in humanitarian crises, and developing a new master’s degree program in humanitarian action. Their combined efforts demonstrate the importance of scholarly knowledge in the newly emerging discipline of humanitarian assistance.

Rooted in our proud Jesuit tradition, GSAS continues to emphasize full engagement with the world, a characteristic that leads us to strive to impart knowledge to our students, who in turn deploy it in the service of humanity. That scholarly work, the creation of the academic perspective, is at the heart of our vision to integrate the Jesuit tradition into the modern research university. I invite you to ponder how you and your fellow GSAS alumni will continue to expand these efforts for the betterment of the human condition.

Nancy A. Busch, Ph.D., Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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