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The Rights of Man
Human Rights Should be Guaranteed for All, Says Apostolic Nuncio

In a world transformed by globalization, human rights should be irrefutable, the Vatican’s ambassador to Zambia and Malawi told Graduate School of Arts and Sciences alumni last November during the Fall 2009 Gannon Lecture.

“Human rights are not negotiable,” said Archbishop Nicolas Girasoli, the apostolic nuncio to Zambia and Malawi, noting that countries face the challenge of ensuring the peace among various people living together while respecting differences.

To assist in this effort, the archbishop introduced a concept he called “unity through diversity.”

“This means that the memories and traditions of each group of people must continue to evolve side by side,” he said. “If everybody has the right to be equal, then minority groups have an additional aspiration—they want to maintain their right to be different.”

The Gannon Lecture Series, which is endowed by Fordham alumni, began 30 years ago to honor the memory of Robert I. Gannon, S.J., president of Fordham from 1936 to 1949. Archbishop Girasoli’s lecture was sponsored by GSAS, the International Political Economy and Development program, the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs, and the Leaner Center for International Law and Justice.

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