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Letter from Dean Nancy Busch

Dean Busch

In 2016, Fordham’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) will celebrate its centennial.  Our efforts today will set GSAS on the path to achieving our strategic vision to be the intellectual heart and soul of Fordham University.

As Fordham strives to enhance its national prominence, we are seeing the impact on the quality of applicants to GSAS programs.  As a result, GSAS has become more selective in admitting students, accepting just 17 percent of all applicants to doctoral programs.  We are proud of the accomplishment of our current students.  Many of them have been recognized with prestigious external awards, which have increased 25 percent since 2005 and others have seen exceptional career opportunities.  For example, since 2005, 77 percent of our students in the humanities seeking academic positions received tenure track offers.

At the same time, GSAS faculty members are matching the achievements of their students with 472 books, essays and scholarly articles published last year, while also receiving $14 million in external funding.

We will not rest on our laurels.  GSAS has several initiatives underway, including a pilot program on Jesuit pedagogy for our Senior Teaching Fellows because GSAS doctoral students teach about half of the core curriculum courses in the humanities.  There are new partnerships for research and educational outreach with the New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx Zoo, and the United National Development Program. We have new academic programs in Biomedical Informatics, Elections and Campaign Management, Financial Econometrics and Data Analysis, as well as Latin American and Latino Studies.  Underlying all of these efforts are new outreach programs for alumni, to celebrate their successes, to ascertain the impact of their GSAS education on their lives, and to reconnect them to the vitality that is Fordham today.

Nancy A. Busch, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 

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