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Upcoming Events

Date Event
June 25 Signing of Collaborative Agreement between Fordham and the New York Botanical Garden
August 25 - 26 New GSAS Student Orientation, with Alumni Participation
September 27 Conference on the History of Psychology in New York: Exceptional Place, Exceptional People, Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Fordham University's Department of Psychology
October 6 Fall Gannon Lecture: "Is there still a mystery to mysticism after modernity?" by Rabbi Allan Brill, Ph.D., GSAS '94
December 2 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Anne Anastasi:
Inaugural Anastasi Lecture by David Budescu, Ph.D., Anne Anastasi Professor
March 28 Communitas '09 and Spring Gannon Lecture:
"Learning in Young and Aging Brains: A Neuroscientific/Psychological Perspective" by John Disterhoft, Ph.D., GSAS '68 and '71

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