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Chris KudlacChristopher Kudlaca 2004 graduating student in Fordham's  Graduate  Program in Sociology, has recently published a book titled Public Executions: The Media and the Death Penalty.  The book follows high profile death penalty cases in the United States over the last thirty years and determines why these cases became high profile. It also examines their media coverage to that effect. It has been available from Praeger Publishers since August 2007. Kudlac has been teaching Criminal Justice at Westfield State College since 2001.




Jack Downey, a Ph.D. candidate in Theology, will be working alongside Tibetan human rights organizations in light of the upcoming 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The work involves developing a campaign for next August to create an open forum for discussing the Tibetan state of affairs. To this end, Downey will begin next semester traveling around the globe to find individuals interested in taking advantage of the games as an opportunity to begin a dialogue. In the future, Downey plans to focus his dissertation on how to understand "radical" social activism as an expression of religious commitment.

Professor Jeffrey CohenProfessor Jeffrey Cohen of the Department of Political Science has been awarded a Visiting Senior Research Scholar Fellowship from the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics, of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, of Princeton University. 
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Mara Brecht
has had her article on Jacques Dupuis's christology accepted for publication this spring in Horizons.

Erica Olson
, a first year Ph.D. student has had two papers accepted for presentation at the regional meeting of the AAR coming up in March: "The Delightful Terror of Theology: Approaching God in Rahner's Theology" and "Learning to be Attentive: Reading Mujerista Theology as an Outsider".

Christopher Beck, a doctoral student in history in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, will be heading to Marseille, France, this fall to study state building and privateering. 
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Elizabeth A. Johnson
, C.S.J., a distinguished professor of Theology, will receive an honorary Doctorate from Saint Paul University this April. Her research interests include systematic theology, feminist theology, and ecological theology.

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