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Joseph Clair

Joseph Clair,  has been awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.  He will be pursuing an MPhil degree in Divinity. 

"I am currently a Teaching Fellow in the Philosophy Department at Fordham University. My love for teaching began in high school and college while working as a student chaplain and religious education instructor for various congregations and organizations. Those experiences led me to attend Duke Divinity School after graduating from Wheaton College in 2002.  At Duke, the crucial intersection between religion, nature, and political development became clear to me. I participated on a publication panel at the 8th World Wilderness Congress in Anchorage, AK, examining the scientific, political, and religious aspects of sustainable human communities from a global perspective. After finishing my MTS at Duke (2004) I enrolled at Fordham to study philosophy, where this past summer I earned another master's degree and was awarded the Summer Fellowship to research in Rome. 

For my MPhil research in Divinity I will work on Augustine's 'City of God' and the process of political secularization. Cambridge will afford me an unparalleled interdisciplinary opportunity and the Gates community's emphasis on knowledge in service of a new, international, 'common good' will no doubt challenge my thinking and expand my vocational goal to be a teacher and consultant for issues on the border between religion and public life."

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