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Catholic Press Association Awards

Catholic Press Association Awards

Every year, the Catholic Press Association (CPA) makes awards in a wide range of categories -- journalism (newspaper, magazine, and online formats), scholarly articles, books, and so forth.  The CPA represents a range of Catholic publications and publishers around the U.S., and its book awards, in particular, are seen as key markers of a book's appeal to both scholarly and popular audiences

This year, Fordham theologians received three awards from the CPA (full list of awards online at  The awards are as follows:


First Place
If These Walls Could Talk, by Maureen H. O’Connell, Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN

At the cutting edge of theology and theological publication, this book explores themes of justice, beauty, and peace in public art. With a distinctive voice, the author skillfully weaves broad theological learning with unforgettable images and voices of community muralism.

Gender Issues
First Place
She Who Imagines, by Laurie Cassidy and Maureen H. O’Connell, Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN

The theology of aesthetics takes many steps forward through this expansive work to open the reader's mind, break down barriers, and forge new avenues for women in the Church and in the world. The beauty of this volume lies in the wisdom of its women authors who together provide a life-affirming book that raises the standard of justice and dignity for all people.

BEST FEATURE ARTICLE - Scholarly magazines

First Place
American Catholic Studies, Villanova, PA, "Counting Catholics in the United States” by J. Patrick Hornbeck, II
This article is a courageous attempt to address the numbers about church member loss without trying to fit them into a given interpretative agenda.

O'Connell and Hornbeck join other Fordham scholars as CPA winners.  In 2011, Charles Camosy won second place in the book category "Social Concerns"; in 2012, Jim Fisher won first place in the category "History" for a co-edited volume, published by FUP, and Hornbeck won second place in the "Feature Article - Scholarly Magazine" category.  In 2008, Elizabeth Johnson's book Quest for the Living God won first place in the "Theology" category.

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