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The Master's Degree in Urban Studies

What would city life be without the civic-minded? Be an agent for change with a master's degree in Urban Studies. Tackle the complex issues confronting urban policy makers:

  • Urban communities 
  • Economic growth
  • Inequality and social justice 
  • Public health
  • Environmental issues
  • Urban arts and creative industries
  • Historic preservation
  • Neighborhoods and gentrification
  • Urban sprawl
Fordham’s 16-month MA in Urban Studies prepares students for professions in the public and private sectors, including non-profit, community development, and public policy work. 
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Transform Your World

An emphasis on the Jesuit values of “men and women for others” and social justice are at the heart of Fordham University’s mission, infusing the master’s degree curriculum with relevant and meaningful coursework taught by a distinguished and passionate faculty.

Students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on fieldwork with real-world implications. Graduates emerge with an interdisciplinary understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the urban world.

Recent Courses
  • Conservation Law and Policy
  • Community Economic Development
  • Politics of Urban Health
  • Environmental Justice: Theory and Practice
  • Art World & the Urban Environment
  • Film and the City
  • On the Waterfront: Maritime New York
  • Immigrant Cities 
Recent Theses Topics

Alumni Events
Kathyn Trainor

Kathryn Trainor (M.A. 2012)
"I know urban studies will continue to inform my work and has truly reinforced my passion for supporting communities in this great city"

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Smart Law for Smart Cities: Regulation, Technology, and the Future of Cities

February 27–28, 2014

Co-sponsored by the Department of Urban Studies and the Fordham School of Law, this two-day symposium will focus on how contemporary urban life is marked and shaped by technology, as well as the law and regulatory complexities that are arising from this technological transformation.
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