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Jane Van Slembrouck

Jane Van Slembrouck
Graduate Assistant
Ph.D. Candidate, English 

Fordham University
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458

Jane Van Slembrouck

Ph.D. Candidate in English Literature, Fordham University, Bronx, NY; 
M.A. with honors in English literature, Hunter College, New York, NY, May 2005.

research Interest
My dissertation looks at how perceptions of illness and disability in the U.S. in the mid-late nineteenth century intersected with cultural notions of character or personal authenticity. Some of my texts/topics include Julia Ward Howe's fiction "The Hermaphrodite"; Emily Dickinson and portrait photography, and Helen Keller's vexed public reception..

Presentations at professional national or international conferences

“The Spectacle of Difference in Julia Ward Howe’s Secret Novel, The Hermaphrodite,” Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, March, 2013; “Research and Notetaking Software for Scholars,” AppsWork: a peer-to-peer digital humanities workshop, Fordham University, November, 2011; “St. Ignatius in the Writing Center: Tutor Training and Assessment in the Jesuit Pedagogical Tradition,” Fordham University Jesuit Pedagogy Colloquium, May, 2010; “Antebellum Photographs of Artisans and Professionals,” Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, February, 2009; “Facing Work: Occupational Insecurity in Nineteenth Century Portrait Daguerreotypy,” Futures for American Studies Institute, Dartmouth College, June, 2008; "Trappings of Grief:  Sarah Piatt's Critique of Victorian Sentimentalism,” American Literature Association Conference, San Francisco, CA, May, 2008; “Mass-Produced Mourning: Sarah Piatt’s Answer to the Culture of Sentiment,” Conference of the Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association, Philadelphia, PA, November, 2007; “What Darl Brought Home From the War: Shell Shock and Repression in As I Lay Dying,” McGill University Graduate Conference, Montreal, QC, February, 2007

Related Professional Experience

Other awards, honors, and/or activities 

Fordham GSAS Alumni Dissertation Fellowship, Fall 2012-Spring 2013; Fordham English Department Doctoral Student Support Grant, Summer 2010; Fordham GSAS Research Travel Award, Fordham University, Summer 2010;  Fordham GSAS Fellowship to attend Jesuit Pedagogy Seminar, Fordham University, Spring 2010; Fordham English Department Research Support Grant, Fall 2009; High Pass on English department doctoral comprehensive exam, Fall 2008; Fellowship to attend Dartmouth Futures for American Studies Institute, Fordham University, June 2008; Teaching Fellowship, Fordham University, 2008-2010; Graduate Assistant Fellowship, Fordham University, 2006-2007; M.A. degree awarded with honors, Hunter College, 2005

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