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Contacts for GSAS Students

Who Does What? 
Contacts for GSAS Students

 Who Location  Responsible for 
Maureen Hanratty
GSAS Senior Exective Secretary
Keating 222 Dean's Schedule, correspondence
Eva Badowska
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Associate Professor of English & Comparative Literature
Keating 216 Academic Policies and Procedures
GSAS merit-based financial aid
Dissertation presentations
Thesis presentations
Strategic initiatives
Program/Curricular changes
Course enrollment and planning
Joanne Schwind
Academic Program Counselor
Keating 216 Registration issues
Transcript related issues
Paperwork related to student"s academics:
  • change of grade
  • transfer of credits, etc....
  • merit based financial aid issues
Correspondences such as:
  • leave of absence
  • extensions
  • graduation issues
  • withdrawals
Clarice Niveknand
GSAS Executive Secretary
Keating 216 Current student academic records
Dissertation processing
GSAS merit based financial aid processing
Nicol Gotsis
GSAS Director of Student Development
Keating 216 Current students-related issues
GSA Liaison
Coordinates the:
  • GSAS internal fellowships
  • Student conferences
  • Workshops
  • Masters' Thesis
Lauren Carpenter
GSA President

Caitlin Waickman
GSA Vice President
Keating B18 GSA Travel grants
Student related issues
Representation of GSA Council and Student Body

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