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Departmental Development Funds

Departmental Development Funds

Departmental Graduate Student Associations (or, in the absence of a formal organization, students from a department) can, through their GSA Representatives, request funds for holding conferences, symposia, departmental events, and workshops.  Each department is allowed to apply for up $1500.00 in fund per fiscal year.  These funds are not guaranteed and are allotted on a first come first serve basis.

In order to apply, the GSA REP for the given department must submit the application form
and present it to the whole GSA Council before the event.  This funding is not guaranted and a majority of the council must vote to approve the funds.  The council has the right to adjust the amount or put conditions upon the funds.

After the event the GSA REP must submit the receipts and a memo detailing the outcome of the event.  If there are any significant discrepencies from the original proposal the GSA officers must bring it before the council for a vote before submitting the check request.

The DSD has also prepared a handbook on organizing student conferences, symposia, and workshops, which is available by email or at the DSD office in Keating 216.  It is wise to consult the DSD before beginning to organize an event.

Department Development Funds are provided to help support ongoing student run academic events, such as...

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