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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences hopes to provide you with information and contacts to make the process of finding non-University housing easier.  The information provided by this service is intended to put you in contact with members of the local community and apartment dwellers who may wish to share accommodations.  It is not intended as a referral service, nor does the University endorse or recommend the selection of any particular property, location, or individual.  It is expected that you will bear personal responsibility for using this service, and for any and all commitments made as a result.  In addition, those who use this service are obligated to abide by all institutional policies and applicable laws regarding access and use privileges that are provided through Fordham University's information technology systems.

1. Where can I find information about University sponsored housing?

There is a limited amount of University sponsored housing for graduate students.  Because this housing is limited, it is reserved for International students and scholarship students first.  There is NO ON-CAMPUS housing for graduates. 
If you are a GSAS student interested in University sponsored housing, please visit the residential life website: Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.

2. Is it difficult to find housing near campus?

Finding local and affordable non-university housing is not difficult, but it does take time and patience.  Many students, both graduates and undergraduates, live in the neighborhoods surrounding campus and thus a lot of housing becomes available right after the end of the spring semester.  This means that many people are looking for new roommates for the coming fall and many other apartments are left empty.  We compile these available apartment listings on this web site.  IN addition we list the landlords that students commonly use.  Our aim is to list ONLY apartments that DO NOT require a broker's fee, in an effort to keep your costs down.

Housing is much easier to find in the Bronx than it is in Manhattan, but it does require some time researching, phone calling and making appointments to meet with landlords and view apartments.

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3. Is it safe to live in the Bronx?

Yes, the Bronx is safe!  Moving to the Big City can be frightening if your only experience with it has been a movie theater.  Every big city has crime, but the crime rate in New York City is as low as it has been in thirty-five years!  New York City is now one of the safest big cities in the United States.

Here as elsewhere, the best way to remain safe is to stay away from illegal activities.

Generally, all the areas we list apartments for are safe.  The "Little Italy" Belmont area and the Pelham Parkway area are very safe local neighborhoods, as are Riverdale and the most areas in Yonkers.

The farther north from Fordham you travel the more suburban and rural it becomes.  Many people choose to live in Riverdale, Yonkers, Westchester or even in Southern Connecticut, if looking for a suburban experience.

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4. When is the best time to start looking for housing?

If you want to find private housing, the best time to start looking is after the semester ends and people start to clear out for the summer (after May).  This, however, means renting a place for the summer.  Landlords here, like most any city, do not reserve apartments for people.  If they have a unit available they like to rent it as quickly as possible.  Many apartments that are available right after the school year ends sit vacant until the majority of students return in late August.

Most people don't want to rent an apartment for the summer unless they attend classes during summer session.  Typically, people begin their housing search in June or July but try to set up a place to live for late August.  This allows them to have a place to move into before classes start, but also means that they don't have to pay rent for an empty apartment over the summer.

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5. What are average monthly rents for the Bronx?

This varies a fair bit from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Prices in Riverdale and Yonkers are starting to go up as Manhattanites move north up the Hudson.  Average prices are listed by neighborhood on the "Neighborhood Information Index" inside the web site.  Sharing an apartment is the way to go if you must keep to a tight budget.

In the Belmont ("Little Italy") area, which is a popular area next to campus and still reasonably priced, studios start at about $700/month and go as high as $1000/month for a really nice place.  Depending on the number of rooms in a share (an apartment or house with 2 or more bedrooms) rents run from $500-$650/month per roommate.  One bedrooms in Belmont are between $950-$1200/month and three bedrooms are between $1000-$1300/month.  These are estimates, obviously prices will vary with the quality and accoutrements of each housing situation.

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