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Welcome to the Neighborhood Information Pages.  
The index to the left lists the neighborhoods in which the majority of GSAS students choose to live.  The most popular neighborhood is also the closest to the Rose Hill campus: Belmont.  
The Bedford and Mosholu areas are also directly adjacent to campus.  
The Pelham area lies a few miles east of campus (toward the Long Island Sound) and the Riverdale area is about five or six miles northwest of campus (toward the Hudson River).  
Yonkers is another five miles north of Riverdale and Lower Westchester County is north of Yonkers.  
View the following map to get a better overview of all the areas, or click on a neighborhood to the left to find out more about a particular area


Yes, the Bronx is safe!  Safety is always a concern in any major city, but there is no need to be overly concerned about your personal safety when moving to the Bronx.  Every big city has crime, but the crime rate in New York City is as low as it has been in thirty-five years.  New York City is now one of the safest big cities in the United States.

The farther north from Fordham you travel the more suburban and rural it becomes.  Many people choose to live in Riverdale, Yonkers, Westchester or even in Southern Connecticut, if they are looking for a suburban neighborhood experience and don't mind living farther away from Manhattan.

Do you have questions about the neighborhoods that are not addressed here?  If so, please email us at and we will do our best to add information to these pages that address your concerns.

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