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Mass Transit from Fordham

Mass Transit Information

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has a great website with information about and maps of bus, subway and railroad routes.  The following link will bring you to the MTA site:

Fordham's Rose Hill campus is well situated for mass transit.  The campus is a short six blocks east from the D and B subway stations and about eight blocks east of the 4 line, with service north to Bedford and Woodlawn area and quick service into Manhattan (about 20-25 minutes to Midtown).  There are a handful of bus lines that run east-west along Fordham Road with very frequent service into the Riverdale area (west of campus) and the Pelham Parkway area (east of campus).  In addition, the Metro-North railroad runs north-south on a rail directly adjacent to Fordham's western border.  The Metro-North has great service into Lower Westchester county and southeastern Connecticut.  Buying a  MetroCard enables one to transfer from buses to subways and subways to buses without an additional charge.  For more information on the use of public transportation to and from Fordham, continue reading below.
By BUS: 

Fordham Road, which runs the length of the south end of campus, is served by four major buses: Bx9, Bx12, Bx17, & Bx 22 (the 'Bx' stands for the fact that the Bronx is the main area of service for these bus routes, 'M' is for Manhattan, 'Q' is for Queens, 'B' is for Brooklyn, and so on).

The Bx12 and Bx9 are excellent East-West routes
Fordham PlazaThe Bx12 serves the Pelham Parkway area and stops in several spots along Fordham Road and then continues into the Northern tip of Manhattan.  The Bx9 is the best route for the Riverdale area.  It also has several stops along Fordham Road and continues into the West Farms area.  The best place to catch the bus is at the Southwest corner of campus.  Called Fordham Plaza, it is also where the Metro-North station is located.

You can also catch the Bx55 at Fordham Plaza, which travels North-South along Webster Avenue into the Bedford and Mosholu neighborhoods.

Most buses have free bus maps up at the toll box.  Grab one and study it.  You'd be surprised how many bus routes there are throughout the city.  For an online version (in PDF format) of these maps, click on the following link:

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The B and D lines of the subway run North-South into the Bronx along the Westside of Manhattan and into Brooklyn.  The D train runs express from 125th Street to 59th Columbus Circle, whereas the B line runs local along its entire route.  The D takes approximately 20-25 minutes to get from the Fordham Road station to the Columbus Circle station.  You can catch the D or B at the station at the intersection of Grand Concourse and Fordham Road.

To reach the 4 line, continue along Fordham Road west from campus until you reach Jerome Avenue.  The 4 line is elevated in the Bronx, so you can't miss the station at Jerome Avenue (its overhead).  The 4 lines runs into Manhattan along the Eastside.  It also stops at Yankee Stadium.

The 1 and 9 subway lines serve Riverdale into Manhattan, but they, like the D, B, and 4, run North-South, so you can't hitch a ride from campus to Riverdale on a subway (see bus routes for how to get back and forth to Riverdale from campus.

Most subway stations have token booth clerks who will answer questions about how to get from one place to another using mass transit.  Alternatively, grab a subway map free of charge and figure out how to get there on your own.  You can also find an online version of the map at the following link:

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Metro North

Metro-North is a bit more plush than the subway.  It is also more expensive.  The rate from Fordham to Grand Central, a trip that takes 18 minutes, is $4.75 off-peak and$6.25 during peak business travel hours.  You can also reach Grand Central directly by way of the 4 line (the subway--see above).  However, you cannot get a subway into Lower Westchester or Connecticut, thus Metro-North is the best mode of public transit to these areas.  There are also good bus lines, but it would likely require a transfer from most points farther north of the Bronx.

For a map for the Metro-North, click on the following link:

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