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Travelling around NYC

Travelling Around NYC

From taxis and trains, to buses, subways and your own two feet, here are the maps and tips you need to get around New York City.

New York City Buses may not be as quick and efficient for getting around New York City as taking the Subway is, but they offer visitors great views of Manhattan, as well as easy access to areas located further away from Subway lines.
MetroCards are essential for using the Subway and buses in New York City. MetroCards are easy to purchase and use, and this information will have you using your MetroCard like a local in no time.
The New York City Subway is a fast, affordable way to get around New York City. Read these tips for riding the New York City Subway and you'll be traveling around New York City like a native in no time.
The New York City subway offers visitors an affordable, quick and easy way to get around New York City. Navigating the buses and New York City subway is key to getting around quickly and easily. Learn the basics of New York's buses and subways and get some insider tips here.
Looking for a NYC Car Service to provide transportation to the airport or around New York City? These NYC Car Services will meet you at the airport or your hotel and provide personalized transportation around New York City.
New York taxis offer both visitors and residents the convenience of having a car in New York City without the hassle and expense of parking. Learn about New York taxi fares, rules and tips to make your next New York taxi ride a breeze.
Renovations since its opening in 1913 have turned Grand Central into more than just a hub for transportation -- there are shops, dining and more available to visitors. There are group tours available, as well as free tours for individuals on Wednesdays and Fridays. Find out the details online.
Try a free cruise from Battery Park to Staten Island on the Staten Island Ferry. Our visitor's guide to the Staten Island Ferry has all the information you need, including directions and schedules.
Getting from JFK to Manhattan by AirTrain is both easy and affordable -- assuming you can carry your own luggage. There is finally an efficient and affordable public transit option for travel between JFK and Manhattan -- the AirTrain.
Find schedules, maps, and more for transportation in and around the city. Includes subway and buses, Metro North, Long Island Rail Road, Long Island buses, and bridges & tunnels.
Ferry service between New Jersey, Upstate New York and various points in Manhattan.
Circle Line Cruises
For circle line sightseeing cruises, cirle line of  Liberty Ferry and circle line downtown
Long Island Railroad
New Jersey Transit
This unofficial site provides information on the NYC transit system, as well as interesting historical information on the subways and tunnels of New York City.
A useful website helping you to plan your transit, combining walking, buses and subways.

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