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Mentorship Program for Undergraduate Clubs & Groups

What is the Mentorship Program for Undergraduate Clubs & Groups?
The Mentorship program was designed to help build the leadership skills of graduate students and to give graduate students the opportunity to participate in a club/group as a mentor to the undergraduate students.  The Office of Student Leadership and Community Development have over 85 clubs and groups that are offered to the undergraduate population. Since the productivity, organization and presence of each club/group varies from case to case we have developed a mentorship program to assist these particular clubs/groups in fostering a more cohesive and successful organization. Responsibilities of the mentor will differ depending on the nature of the club/group but may include, facilitating group meetings, brainstorming action plans, assisting in planning events, delegating responsibilities and dealing with interpersonal and individual problems that may arise within the group.

Who can be a mentor? 
Any matriculated, current GSAS student can apply to be a mentor. How does the application process work? Interested students must submit an application and all subsequent application materials by the deadline date. Please click here to proceed to the application questionnaire. Candidates will then be called in for an interview with the GSAS Director of Student Development and a staff member of the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development.

When does the program start? 
Selected mentors will begin in November.

What is the time commitment for this position? 
Students are expected to provide mentorship from the beginning of the fall semester through the spring semester.  Weekly time commitments will be based on the mentor’s availability and which club/group the student is assigned to.  Students are also expected to attend an orientation to the program in the beginning of the academic year to go over guidelines for being a mentor.  Mentors will be responsible for meeting with the Director of Student Development monthly to discuss the progress of their group and/or any difficulties that may arise. Mentors will also be asked to summarize their experience at the completion of the academic year (one page) that should be emailed to the GSAS Director of Student Development.

Mentor Guidelines 
  • Mentors are expected to develop a solid working relationship with the group leader, faculty/staff advisor, and club/group members in order to discuss goals, clarify expectations, and brainstorm ideas.
  • Mentors are expected to attend each meeting and participate in building the community.
  • Mentors are expected to serve as role models for the group, knowledgeable and supportive of university procedures and guidelines.
  • Mentors are expected to facilitate the group’s progress toward its goals, while allowing the student leaders to lead. 
  • Mentors should provide positive and negative feedback to the student leaders in a constructive manner.
  • Mentors should be knowledgeable of the group’s budget when participating in group meetings.
  • Mentors should assist in mediating conflicts that arise between group members.
  • Mentors are expected to notify the Director of Student Development and Assistant Dean of the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development of any issues that arise within the group and/or with specific individuals.

Summary of the undergraduate clubs/groups or further information.

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Deadline for Application: October 28, 2013. 

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