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* For further policies and mentor guidelines please refer to the Student Affair webpage:

Mentor Guidelines

  • Mentors are expected to develop a solid working relationship with the group leader and members in order to discuss goals, clarify expectations, and brainstorm ideas. 
  • Mentors are expected to attend each meeting and participate in building the community. 
  • Mentors are expected to serve as role models for the group, knowledgeable and supportive of university procedures and guidelines. 
  • Mentors are expected to facilitate the group’s progress toward its goals, while allowing the student leaders to lead. 
  • Mentors should provide positive and negative feedback to the student leaders in a constructive manner. 
  • Mentors should be knowledgeable of the group’s budget when participating in group meetings. 
  • Mentors should assist in mediating conflicts that arise between group members. 
  • Mentors are expected to notify the Director of Student Development and/or a staff member in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development of any issues that arise within the group and/or with specific individuals.


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