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Non Academic Career Resources for Humanities PhDs

Non-Academic Career Resources for Humanities PhDs

Articles Online

General Non-Academic Opportunities

Versatile PhD”:  the premiere hub for post-academics on the web
Sell Out Your Soul”:  a guide for humanities PhDs
Changing the Way We Socialize Our Graduate Students
Every PhD Needs a Plan B
Getting Into and Out of Academe
The Need for Reform in Graduate Humanities Education
Graduate School in the Humanities: Just Don’t Go
And If You Just Don’t Go?”
The Truth About the Nonacademic Jobs Search
Outside, Over There

Consulting Opportunities

Another Career Choice for PhDs:  Management Consulting
Facts About Companies:  Management Consulting
Why More PhDs are Turning to Consulting
Consulting Careers Beyond the Big Firms
A Future in Consulting?
Consultant for a Day
Should You Be a Consultant?”
Careers in Educational Consulting


APA page on Non-Academic Careers in Philosophy

Books (Very philosophy heavy!)

Jerald Jellison, Life After Grad School:  Getting From A to B

Matthew Stewart, The Management Myth:  Debunking Modern Business Philosophy

Peter Raabe, Philosophical Counseling: Theory and Practice

Brian P. Hall, Values Shift:  Personal and Organizational Transformation

Peter Koestenbaum, The Philosophic Consultant

Lou Marinoff, Philosophical Practice

Richard N. Bolles, What Color is Your Parachute?

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