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Presenters for the 2013 Research Presentation

Presentation Name Department Title of Presentation
Poster Rachel Bricklin Biological Sciences Bird Migration Through Cities: Is It Stressful?
Oral Presentation Huansheng Cao Biological Sciences A crp Mutation Confers Fitness Effects Dependent on Both Environment and Population Size
Poster Xian Wang Biological Sciences Organelle Evolution of Freshwater Brown alga Pleurocladia lacustris A.Braun
Poster Sarah Whorley Biological Sciences Periphyton Colonization Patterns in a Suburban Stream Affected by Grazing Pressure
Oral Presentation Brandon Vick Economics Search Frictions, Gender, and Wage Dispersion: A Case Study of Brazilian and South African Labor Markets
Oral Presentation Anna Beskin English Friend or Food? Non-human Animals in Country House Poems of Early Modern England
Oral Presentation Melissa Castillo-Garsow English Not Chicano Rap: Mexican Hip Hop in New York
Oral Presentation Sarah Cornish English Somatic Cities: Some Notes on Method and Value
Poster Angela Monsam English Writing the Female Body: Gender and Medical Discourse in the Long Eighteenth Century
Oral Presentation Jill Neziri English "Cradled in the arms of Cotalicue": Gloria Anzaldua and the Poet-as-Shaman
Oral Presentation Stephanie Pietros English Men Making Babies: Male Co-creation as Poetics in Shakespeare's Sonnets
Oral Presentation Jordan Windholz English The End(s) of Comedy: Bachelors, Bellies, and Banquets in Much Ado About Nothing
Poster Angelique Rivard and Stefanie Juell Ethics and Society The Role of Empathy in Promoting Greater Legal Protection for Non-Human Animals
Oral Presentation James Reynolds History An Invalid Assumption: The ‘New Look’ Strategy of Containment and US Failure in Laos
Poster Louie Dean Valencia History  Truth, Justice, and the American Way in Franco’s Spain
Oral Presentation Chris Hromas Philosophy Aesthetics and Political Fraternity
Oral Presentation Andrew Komasinski Philosophy The Essentially Relational Self in Kierkegaard and Nishida 
Oral Presentation Christopher Rice Philosophy The Value of Human Relationships with Plants and Animals
Poster Shane Wilkins Philosophy Material Constitution and Hylomorphism
Poster Bojun Hu Psychology  The Qualitative Milieu: Humanistic Research at Fordham University
Poster Jennifer Lord-Bessen Psychology  The PAMS Perspective on Educational Survey Data via Correspondence Analysis
Poster Yasunori Nishikawa Psychology Beyond Ethnicity: Sub-Ethnic Differences in PTSD, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation amongst patients with Cardiovascular Disease
Poster Naziah Rahman Psychology Utilizing Distractor Information to Model Non-Monotonic Item Response Functions
Oral Presentation Stephen Cubbellotti Psychology IRT and Alternate Assessment
Oral Presentation Sara Douglass Psychology Daily Intragroup Contact in Diverse Settings: Implications for Asian Adolescents' Ethnic Identity
Oral Presentation Bradley Jerson Psychology  Cross-Age Mentoring Program to Improve Health Care Management for Pediatric Liver Patients
Oral Presentation Arnond Sakworawich Psychology  Addressing diversity, reducing adverse impact and balancing predictive validity in affirmative action for law school admission: A simulation comparing four methods
Poster Rebecca Weiss Psychology Effect of Parent Outcomes on Quality of Life in Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors
Poster Michael Azar Theology The Reception of the Johannine "Jews"
Poster Andrew Ballard Theology Sin, Demonic Beings, and Transgression in Paul's Letter to the Galatians
Oral Presentation Reg Kim Theology Discerning Gender and Identity through a lens of early medieval biblical interpretation: In Genesim commentarium of Hrabanus Maurus
Oral Presentation Nathaniel Wood Theology Vladimir Soloviev's Eschatological Traditionalism

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