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Research Presentations Guidelines

Research Presentation Guidelines

Download the complete Guidelines for Presenter & Student Judges.

The GSAS Research Presentation presents an opportunity for students and faculty to become more familiar with research work being performed in other areas and provides an opportunity for networking.  All GSAS students are invited to present posters or give oral presentations highlighting graduate research that is currently being performed or has recently been completed, which may be showcased to the general public.To participate in this competition, graduate students are required to make a poster according to stated specifications below
Please contact Nicol Gotsis, Director of Student Development at (718) 817-4421 or to request a poster board. The official poster board is 36" x 48" and is a tri-fold, tabletop poster board, featuring a 24" window (middle) panel and two side panels (12" each). Your poster needs to be 36" x 48"- if it exceeds this size, you will be disqualified from competing.

Your poster should include a poster title and information identifying the researcher(s) and their department(s). Your poster will be judged within three groups: humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

For oral presentations, electronic visual aids such as PowerPoint presentations must be e-mailed to



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