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2008 Communitas Poster Presentations

GSAS Student Achievements
2008 Communitas Poster Presentations

Year Program Student Poster Presentation
07-08 English Blatt, Heather “New Media, Old Media, and Late Medieval Readers”
07-08 Biological Sciences Decker, Jillian “Spatial and temporal shifts in phytoplankton community composition in the Upper Mississippi River near La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA”
07-08 Psychology Dole, Tia “Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in African Immigrants”
07-08 Psychology Elgendy, Suzanne “Multi-level Influences on Children's Aggressive Behavior: A Pre-doctoral Fellowship Proposal”
07-08 English Erdheim, Cara “The Greening of American Literary Naturalism”
07-08 English Farris, Exum “Savage Familiarity With Nature: Environmental Revolution in Stowe's Dred”
07-08 Psychology Fava, Joanna “Typology and Warning Signs of Suicide by Cop”
07-08 Biological Sciences Fetridge, Evelyn “Are UV Pan Traps Robust to Floral Resource Variation”.
07-08 English Foley O'Connor, Elizabeth "Flanerie and Commodity Culture in Jean Rhy's Good Morning, Midnight"
07-08 Psychology Green, Debbie “Students Perceptions of Diversity Training: A Study of Exposure and Satisfaction”
07-08 English Heidenberg, Mike “Whose Shakespeare Is It, Anyway?”
07-08 English Helms, Eleanor “Laying Claim to Fairyland: Soren Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen on the Integrity of Stories and their Authors”
07-08 Economics Hernandez, Manuel “Corruption & Development”
07-08 Economics Josef, Frances. “Promoting Microinsurance in the Philippines”
07-08 English June, Rebecca “Disappearing Women: Rethinking Julian of Norwich as Feminist”.
07-08 English Kenney, Thomas “Responses to Tristram Shandy”.
07-08 History Keohane-Burbridge, Elizabeth “Defenders (of the Legislative Branch) of the Faith: the Medieval Clergymen of Convocation”.
07-08 Theology Kim, Daniel Reginald Soowoong “Ambiguous Signs: Augustine’s De doctrina christiana, Hermeneutics and the Reading Community”.
07-08 Philosophy Konopka, Adam “The Phenomenological Theory of Environment”.
07-08 History Kurihara, Ken  “Wunderzeichen and Society in Reformation Germany”.
07-08 Theology Lootens, Matthew “Pistis in Clement of Alexandria: A New Perspective”
07-08 Economics Liu, Liu “The Effectiveness of Sterilized Intervention in China”
07-08 Biological Sciences Morath, Shannon “Increased Floral Diversity Reduces Cucumber Yield in Urban Gardens”
07-08 Economics Numatsi, Adjoa “The Impact of Jumps in Volatility and Returns: A Replication”
07-08 English Richards, Leah “Framing Anxieties: The Figure of the Editor in Rider Haggard's She”
07-08 Psychology Skoufalos, Niki “The Binge-Purge Process: A Project of Unification”.
07-08 English Spratt, Danielle “The Scientifically Marked Body: Deformity and Emasculation in the New Scientific Tradition”
07-08 English Stark-Gendrano, Rebecca “"Spend the day as I instruct thee": Contesting The Mothers Legacy”
07-08 Economics Vick, Brandon C. “Charting the Main Features of Microfinance 2.0”
07-08 Psychology Waterston, Leo “Predictors of Quality of Life and Mood after Traumatic Brain Injury”
07-08 Psychology Weiss, Rebecca “Parental Involvement in the Interrogation of Juveniles: A Review of State Statutes and Implications for Research and Practice”

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