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Achievements 07-08

Student Achievements

Cara Elana Erdheim, a Ph.D. Candidate in American Literature, presented in October 2007, at the American Literature Symposium on "Rethinking Literary Naturalism”.
Adam Konopka, a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, presented a paper at the 37th annual Husserl Circle in Prague, Czech Republic and accepted for publication in Environmental Philosophy. It is forthcoming in the Spring, 2008 volume.
Eleanor Helms, a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, presented at the annual meeting of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy this past fall with a paper entitled “Bachelard and Kierkegaard: Unconceptualizable Resonances Between Humans and Animals” (Chicago, November 2007). 
Elizabeth Foley O'Connor, a Ph.D. candidate in English, wrote a chapter on the rise of little magazines in England for the forthcoming Origins of Literary Modernism in England edited by Gregory Tague and published by Academica Press. She also has written a book review for the 2008 issue of Woolf Studies Annual.
Elizabeth Keohane Burbridge, a Ph.D. candidate in Medieval History, will be presenting her paper, “Defenders (of the Legislative Branch) of the Faith: the Medieval Clergymen of Convocation” at the International Congress at Medieval Studies in May 2008.
Nicoletta Skoufalos, a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology, was given an Award of Honorable Mention by Division 32, The Humanistic Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association.
Andrew Tiedt, a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology, attended the 2007 East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes in Tokyo, Japan, run jointly by the NSF and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Tiedt spent two months conducting research on population aging in the developed world. He also presented his paper at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan 
Ekaterina Pivovarova, a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology, presented her findings at an international conference in Australia. She examined the performance of psychiatric patients on a measure of cognitive malingering as compared to community participants instructed to malinger. 
Evelyn Fetridge, a Ph.D. candidate in Biology, attended the 9th Annual International Pollination Symposium (IPS) in Ames, IA and presented academic poster, “Are UV Pan Traps Robust to Variation in Floral Resource Availability?” at IPS.
Maija Birenbaum, a Ph.D. candidate in English, will be presenting a paper entitled  “Þei were never in wille to mende”: Penance and Vengeance in Titus and Vespasian” at the 43rd International Congress for Medieval Studies in May. This paper will incorporate miniatures from London, British Library Additional 2781.
Allison Clark, a Ph.D. candidate in History, wrote an article on “Space of Reclusion: Notarial Records of Urban Eremeticism in Medieval Siena,” and is forthcoming in Rhetoric of the Anchorhold: Space, Place and Body within the Discourses of Enclosure, ed. Liz Herbert McAvoy (University of Wales Press, 2008).
Joanne Filippone, a Ph.D. candidate in English, presented a paper on “The Price of Books in England, 1300-1483,” at the Princeton University Center for the Book and Media’s 2007 Graduate Student Conference.  She has also been invited to give the December 2007 gallery talk at the Hispanic Society of America.
Jodi Casabianca, a Ph.D. candidate in Psychometrics, will be presenting her paper at the International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (June/July 2008).
Johnathan Pettinato, a Ph.D. student in History, was selected to participate in a semester long seminar at the Folger Library in Washington, DC.
Raymond Capra, Ph.D. candidate in classics, is teaching at Seton Hall University, NJ. He presented a paper titled "The Anti-Epic Tradition of Western Lyric" at a meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Washington, D.C., in October 2007.
Rachael Sotos, classics graduate student, contributed a chapter titled "The Fake News as the Fifth Estate" to J. Holt, ed., The Dailyshow and Philosophy (Blackwell, 2007).
Patrick Callahan, classics graduate student, presented a paper titled "The Voice of Popular Discontent in Aeschylus' Agamemnon" at a meeting of the Atlantic Classical Association at Dalhousie University in Canada in October of 2007.

Robin Das, who received a Ph.D. in Sociology in February 2008, has been awarded the best graduate student paper award by the ASA Section on the History of Sociology. The award was given for Robin's opening chapter in her doctoral dissertation entitled, "The Academic Marginalization of Werner Stark." The dissertation title is, "The Place of Werver Stark in American Sociology: A Study in Marginality." She will be presented with the award at the 2009 meetings of the ASA in Boston (August).

Dan Durkin, a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology, presented a poster at the 2008 meetings of the Population Association of America in New Orleans (April 16-19). The poster, entitled "Knowledge of HIV/AIDS in India: Does Context Matter?" is based on his collaborative work with Chris Morett (Assistant Professor of Sociology).

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