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Counseling Psychology Programs

Faculty, Staff, & Research Interests

Fran C. Blumberg (1997)
Associate Professor. B.A., SUNY (Stony Brook); M.S., Ph.D., Purdue University
Educational Psychology, Attention and Learning Strategies.

Elizabeth Casey oversees operations and provides administrative support to all aspects of field-based/clinical experiences for the School Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, and Counseling Psychology Programs

Eric Chun-Lung Chen (1995) Associate Professor
B.A., National Taiwan Normal University (Taipei); M.S., University of Oregon; Ph.D., Arizona State
Counseling Psychology, Career Development, Counseling Supervision, Cultural Diversity

Amelio D’Onofrio (2006) Clinical Professor
B.S., Georgetown University; M.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Fordham University
Analytic-Existential Psychotherapy, neuropsychobiology of affect regulation, developmental psychopathology, clinical supervision

Margo Jackson (1999) Chair of the Division of Psychological and Educational Services. Program Coordinator, Associate Professor
B.A., SUNY-Binghamton, Ed.M., SUNY-Buffalo, Ph.D., Stanford University
Career Development, Multicultural Counseling Training and Supervision, Stress and Coping in Human Lifespan Development

Merle A. Keitel (1986) Professor
B.A., SUNY (Binghamton); Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)
Counseling Psychology, Grief and Loss Counseling, Stress Management, Health Psychology

Jennie Park-Taylor (2004) Associate Professor
B.A. Wellesley College; M.A. Teachers College; Ph.D. Boston College
Acculturation, Immigrant Children’s Health and Mental Health, School-Based Interventions, Inter-Professional Collaboration

Joseph G. Ponterotto (1987) Professor
B.A., Iona College; M.A., Ph.D., University of California (Santa Barbara)
Counseling Psychology, Multicultural Counseling

Mitchell Rabinowitz (1988) Professor
B.A., SUNY (Albany); M.A., University of California (Berkeley); M.A., Ph.D., University of California (San Diego)
Naive Epistemology, Problem Representation, Skill Acquisition, Educational Technology

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